TikTok: Giggity 420 trend explained

TikToker Giggity4204 pulled in over 2 million views on a video that encouraged people to Google her name. The username of the TikTok celebrity has acquired a following, as followers have followed suit after seeing how much influence Giggity4204 had. We go through everything we know about the Giggity 420 fad.

Giggity 420 trend explained

Essentially, TikToker Giggity4204 encouraged users to Google search for “Giggity 420” by filming a somewhat enigmatic video.

The social media celebrity, whose real name is unknown, screen recorded herself entering “Giggity 420” into the search bar, urging her followers to do the same. Many of her followers took this to mean that the outcomes of the search would be explicit because of how explicit it was in the video.

While all of this is going on, Google’s algorithm for the search results has not changed. This implies that unless you use unusual keywords or phrases in your URLs, targeting them by name will provide little benefit. Heavy suggests that the video is designed to drive traffic to her other social media accounts and gain social influence. Given that the original TikTok video has over 2 million views, we’d say that the supposed strategy has succeeded.

Giggity4204’s TikTok content could be used to promote other social media accounts, according to the same source.

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Viral Video Becomes A Trend

Tricking followers into Googling something has been a popular theme on TikTok for some time, but with Giggity4204’s clip gaining so much attention, the fad has resurfaced.

Users of the TikTok social networking app are uploading video recordings of their names or usernames being entered into Google’s search bar, rather than the actual results. This simply piques followers’ interest in learning more about the term.

Giggity4204’s original video featured the TikTok sound, which has over 54k videos under it and isn’t participating in the Giggity 420 fad.

Followers React To Viral TikTok

When people searched for Giggity 420 on Google, next to nothing came up in the search results, so followers rushed to the comment area of the TikTok video.

Despite having over 100k followers, Giggity4204 is a “hidden account,” according to his TikTok bio.

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