What is Trial Of The Grasses in The Witcher and is it painful?

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The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher debuted on Friday, December 17, and fans are dying to find out what happens in the Trial of the Grasses and whether it’s excruciating.

Only four out of every ten people survived the initial trial performed in the witchers’ laboratory at Kaer Morhen. Many people are interested to learn why the Trial Of The Grasses is so severe and can even be deadly. Let’s figure out what the Trial of the Grasses is, whether it’s excruciating, and how the trials end.

What is the Trial Of The Grasses in The Witcher?

The Trial of the Grasses is one of the tests that young Witchers must go through in order to become real cold-blooded witchers. A normal human body is converted into a Witcher’s body during this trial. The treatment consists of ingesting certain herbs and alchemical components called “The Grasses.” The nervous system is altered, and the body is broken down to improve reflexes. One negative side effect, however, is a loss of emotion, which implies that many witchers are cold-hearted.

Is the Trial Of The Grasses painful?

The Trial of the Grasses is a hazardous and excruciating chemical procedure. It essentially disassembles the body in order to be changed and reassembled stronger. The individual is strapped to a table and forced to drink this toxic brew in The Trial of the Grasses. The Trial of the Grasses is the first stage in becoming a Witcher, and it occurs when a child Witcher reaches the age of 9. They are given the mutant adapting Injection into their veins, making them one of three potential selections.


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The candidates’ skills are tested, whereas the young witchers undergo a physical examination. There are several options, examinations, and lastly, a decision that must be made regarding the best prospects from the youngsters. The grasses must be composed by a sorcerer because it is a highly guarded elixir. Unfortunately, over half of those who take it in the test end up dying.

What happens after the Trial Of The Grasses?

After seven days, the trial is finished, and the participant’s witcher-like cat eyes are instantly recognized. Other changes that Witchers experience during the test include better smell, sight, and hearing. Witchers have an increased metabolism, which means they possess enhanced strength, superhuman reflexes, and wound healing. They also have stronger immune systems than humans do, allowing them to recover from toxins that would otherwise kill them. Humans can generally withstand any threat that would usually kill people.

Of course, as demonstrated by Geralt, the process can also result in slowed aging. We know that Geralt is at least a century old, but he still appears to be in his thirties. His body was resistant to mutations when he went through the Trial of the Grasses; thus, additional abnormalities were added to his white hair and skin tone.


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