Meaning of 2021 Venus retrograde for zodiac signs explored

For the next two months, the planet of love and money will be in opposition. Here’s what you need to know about zodiac signs in general. Venus is noted for its retrogrades, which means it is one of the closest planets to Earth and is felt much more strongly and intensely than other planets.

How Long Is Venus Retrograde For?

On December 19th 2021 until January 29th 2022, Venus is retrograde. For the next six weeks, the planet will move backwards, requiring that all zodiac signs think about some crucial topics. In Capricorn, the retrograde is in full swing.

Meaning Of Retrograde Explored

Relationships, money, beauty and personal values will all be affected by the 2021 Venus retrograde.

When the Earth shifts backward, individuals will have more time to reflect on their love lives, evaluate their present finances, and update their creative projects. This is an extremely busy and stressful time for many, according to Shape. This period may not be the greatest time to marry, start a new project, redecorate a house, or make a significant financial investment, according to Shape.

During this time, Venus is in a transitory location that can cause delays and confusion on personal and professional matters, so it’s ideal to take advantage of this period to think things over and make adjustments. You may learn more about how this phase will affect you personally based on your zodiac sign below.

People React To The Phase

The retrograde has inspired a lot of discussion on social media. Different platforms have been used to express their views about the retrograde. Take a look at some of the replies down below.

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