The Magicians season 6 release and time: Cancelled or renewed

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It was in December 2015 that we were first enchanted by The Magicians, and we’ve been under their spell ever since. Unfortunately for series die-hards, Syfy has decided to cancel it after five seasons, which will conclude in April 2020. In an interview with TV insider, co-creator John McNamara said that “it played out pretty much the same way it has almost every season.”

“We Were Never Sure If We Would Be Renewed Or Not,” The Cast Comments. It Was Always A Controversy About Money – Never Really About Content – And You Know That With Every Show, There’s A Fine Line Between What It Gives In And What It Costs To Make It. The Magicians season 6 release and time: Cancelled or renewed.

What Is The Magicians Season 6 About?

Following the death of Jason Ralph’s primary character in Season Four, the show was compelled to explore completely new territory.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Sera Gamble addressed the impact of his death on the program’s future.

“It’s Not That Quentin’s Story On The Magicians Is Finished. Jason Ralph Has Been Fired As A Series Regular From The Show, And Quentin Coldwater Has Died On The Show; The Story Moving Forward Is About What Happened As A Result Of This…”

“Jason Has Left The Show, And Quentin Is Dead, And A Lot Of Season Five Is About What Happens Next, Just As When Someone Dies In Our Lives, The Next Season Of Our Lives Is About What Happens.”

“Jason Has Left The Show, And Quentin Is Dead, And A Lot Of Season Five Is About What Happens Next.”

Given Syfy’s previous use of the novels as source material, it is no longer useful for predicting what would have happened in subsequent seasons.

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Will There Be A Season 6 Of The Magicians?

Unfortunately, due to the show’s cancellation, there will not be a sixth season.

Is There A Release Date For Season 6 Of The Magicians?

Season 6 Of The Magicians Has Been Canceled, So There Is No Release Date.

Is There A Trailer?

Unfortunately, the program was canceled, thus no trailer will be available for Season Six of the series (or Season Six).

What Is The Plot Of The Magicians?

Quentin Coldwater learns that the mystical realm from his favorite childhood book is genuine and poses a danger to humanity when he enrolls at Brakebills University of Magical Pedagogy to study magic. Julia’s life is thrown into disarray when she is rejected admittance to the institution, prompting her to look for magic outside of it.

What Is The Cast?

If the show were to miraculously return, it is hoped that all of the main cast members would be back, including:

Stella Maeve As Julia Wicker

Olivia Taylor Dudley As Alice Quinn

Hale Appleman As Eliot Waugh

Arjun Gupta As William “Penny” Adiyodi

Summer Bishil As Margo Hanson

Rick Worthy As Henry Fogg

Jade Tailor As Kady Orloff-Diaz

Brittany Curran As Fen

Trevor Einhorn As Josh Hoberman

Many staple actors, on the other hand, have moved on to new projects. Stella Maeve is currently in pre-production for a new drama about Charles Manson’s female devotees, Rick Worthy is presently filming on Station 19; and Brittany Curran stars in FraXtur, a science fiction show.


It’s a shame to bid farewell to a beloved series like The Magicians, which has just ended. We loved all of the previous seasons and were desperately seeking for more, but all good things must come to an end.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons or want to get started, Netflix has you covered.

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