The Last Of Us Boat Scene Explained: Relationship between Owen and Abby

The Last Of Us was filmed in Alberta from July 2021 to June 2022, while the second season is set to begin filming in British Columbia in 2024 and set to premiere in 2025. Joel, a violent survivor, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of an oppressive military quarantine zone, but what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal journey across the U.S.

The series keep everything great from the game while adding a level of cinematic satisfaction to every second of it and Pedro Pascal does an amazing job as Joel.

Before getting into the boat scene, it is important to understand the history between Abby and Owen. Their relationship dates back to their time as members of the Fireflies, a group fighting against the oppressive regime. They were not only close friends but also shared a deep connection that blossomed into a romantic relationship.

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One of the biggest questions regarding HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2 is who will play Abby. The production team wanted to start the second season’s casting with Abby; Mazin suggested and the Los Angeles Times reported the role had been cast before the strike. Fans of the games know that Abby is a critical character in The Last of Us Part II, and is sure to get a huge amount of screentime in HBO’s adaptation of the sequel. Stick around to the end if you’re interested.

Owen and Abby’s relationship explored

Owen Moore was a supporting character in Abby’s story and an antagonist in Ellie’s story in The Last of Us Part II. He was a member of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) and a former member of the Fireflies stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah. He dated Abby before dating Mel.

He was in love with Abby and sought Jerry’s approval. Everything changed when Ellie and Joel landed in Salt Lake City. Marlene told them that a young girl was immune to the infection and would help find a cure. Joel killed physicians, Marlene, the Fireflies leader and fled Salt Lake City to protect Ellie. Joel doesn’t realise that his actions will encourage his grieving daughter to avenge her father.

Abby’s feel helpless and rage made her bitter and frigid, which Owen scorned ending their relationship. Owen sided with Mel, another Salt Lake Crew member while Abby plotted Joel’s revenge. Salt Lake Crew joined WLF, a paramilitary group that ousted FEDRA, in Seattle when Fireflies split.

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Abby and Owen boat scene explained

Mel informs Abby that Owen has been gone for two weeks after he leaves WLF. Abby, who knows Owen best, sneaks out and finds him on the sailboat outside the aquarium, where they used to hang together.

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Owen tells Abby about Danny and that he cannot kill Seraphites longer. Owen gets worn out from losing his love and seeing her fall deeper into darkness while failing to love another woman since the Fireflies parted.

He also informs Abby about the leader of a hypothetical Firefly organisation in Santa Barbara and that he wants to visit California immediately. Owen snaps when Abby calls his concept stupid and wishful thinking. This is noteworthy since Owen is expressing his wrath to Abby for the first time. Abby helps him rant about the family he lost because of WLF and Abby, who wanted revenge for her father’s death and damaged lives.

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Abby persists nightly nightmares despite killing her father’s murderer. Owen and Abby argue and fight. After fighting, they kiss and have sex. One of The Last of Us Part 2’s most controversial moments was the sex scene. This scene is crucial because it begins Abby’s moral change.

Abby wakes up from nightmares the next morning to find nothing changed. Being something awful worries her terribly. Owen loves Abby, but Abby is cut off. She decides to save former young Scars Yara and Lev from cults and WLF because the situation guides her.

Owen wants to talk about last night, but Abby refuses. However, the night before seems to make Abby venture to risky region to seek medicine for injured Yara, help Lev, and bond with her, finding her purpose. She wants these innocent kids safe.

Mel confronts Abby and calls her a “pretender” for assisting Scars to please Owen. Mel keeps accusing Abby and cuts her deeper than she realizes. Mel terminates their friendship by telling Abby that she won’t go to Santa Barbara with Owen if she does. This is Abby’s last scene with her friends who Ellie killed. Owen is the only lodge member who sympathizes with Abby’s enemies making him partly accountable for their deaths including his own. He asked them to spare Ellie and Tommy who would kill everyone but Abby.

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