The Endless Night Ending Explained | Is Series Based On A True Story?


Inspired by a true story, the limited series tells the story of a tragic event. It is based on actual events that happened in a small town, and follows the story of the people affected by it. It explores how the tragedy affects their lives and how they cope with it. The limited series takes a deep and intimate look at how the tragedy changes their relationships and how they manage to move forward with their lives in the aftermath.

As the title indicates, The Endless Night is based on an incident that took place in Brazil in 2013 that evoked a harrowing atmosphere. It tells a tale of death, destruction and despair, leaving the audience shaken and disturbed by the events that unfolded. Netflix is now streaming the series “The Endless Night,” which tells the story of what happened after one of the deadliest nightclub fires in history, which killed 245 people.

There were both national headlines about the story, given the magnitude of this tragedy, and it led to widespread reforms in the region as a result of the tragedy, with the objective of preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future. Additionally, the tragedy resulted in a strong call for accountability from those responsible and public outcry for justice. In the book The Endless Night: The Untold Story of Kiss Nightclub written by acclaimed journalist Daniela Arbex, there is a detailed description of the events leading up to the disaster as well as the aftermath of the tragedy.

The Endless Night Plot Explored

Several youngsters are spending the night at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria on January 26, 2013, including Guilherme, Felipinho, Marco, and Beatriz, who are part of a group of youths going to the same club that day to celebrate Mari’s 20th birthday. After celebrating with her family that evening, Mari intends to spend the night with her two friends. Despite the fact that they had celebrated Mari’s 20th birthday earlier that day, the group of youths was determined to continue the festivities at the Kiss nightclub, making sure that the special occasion was remembered for many years to come.

Is Series Based On A True Story?

It was after midnight on January 27 that the band playing music at the club started setting off firecrackers. Soon after that, the ceiling of the club caught fire. It was impossible to control the fire as the fire extinguishers at the club did not work. The fire quickly spread, and within minutes it had engulfed the entire club, leaving the band and all the guests in peril.

After a devastating fire broke out at Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, in Brazil’s southernmost state Rio Grande do Sul, in 2013, there were 245 deaths at the nightclub due to smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. The fire was caused by a band member setting off a flare on stage, which set the soundproofing material in the club on fire. This material gave off a high amount of thick, toxic smoke, resulting in the high number of fatalities.

In addition to the dozens of people who died, more than 600 others were injured. There was a student club night taking place, with many of the individuals under the age of 30, and most of the victims were males.

The Endless Night Ending Explained

Mari, Guilherme, Felipinho, Marco, and Beatriz’s parents find out about their children’s deaths after searching all night in the club and hospitals for their missing children. Afterwards, the grieving parents hold their funerals for their loved ones. The funerals were silent as the parents mourned the loss of their children, with tearful goodbyes and heavy hearts.

As a result of the investigation, the police discovered that the club’s ceiling was covered with flammable and it was inspected again by the fire department again in 2011. According to Guilherme’s father, Geraldo, the club was overcrowded with about 1000 people that night, a month after the fire, at the DA’s office. It was determined that the foam was a major contributing factor to how quickly the fire spread, leading to the high death toll. Furthermore, it was discovered that the club had exceeded its maximum occupancy, making it more difficult for people to evacuate safely.

According to the police, 28 people are indicted, but the district attorney’s office only accuses the club owners and musicians of manslaughter with an intent to kill. These are the only individuals facing serious charges, even though many other people were involved in the tragedy. There are many reasons for the parents to be dissatisfied and they want the politicians to be punished as well. The parents are seeking justice by demanding those who orchestrated the tragedy be held accountable; they are adamant that everyone responsible should be held responsible, not just the few facing charges.

Mari’s father, Pedro narrates an interview with a prosecutor who says that one of the club owners had a deal with the city hall, but they cannot provide any evidence. Despite the lack of evidence, the prosecutor believes that the club owner must have had some type of arrangement with the city hall in order to secure the permits for the club. After researching the club, Felipinho’s mother, Ana, discovers that it was shut down due to noise, and reopened despite the irregularities.


A year goes by, while the parents continue their fight for justice, while Grazi and Fernando recover from their injuries. Despite the irregularities, the club was allowed to reopen and was only closed down again when a complaint was filed by Ana. Grazi and Fernando have gone through a long process of rehabilitation and recovery since the incident. Ricardo, the father of Marco, takes over the post of the president of the association, replacing Moacyr, Beatriz’s father, who resigned from his post as president. Two years after the tragedy, still fighting for justice, the parents accuse the prosecutors of corruption and they believe that the prosecutors had been paid off by the people responsible for the tragedy and were deliberately slowing down the process and stalling the investigation into the case. Consequently, the parents face another obstacle in their struggle; Ana, Ricardo, Geraldo, and Pedro are being charged with libel and defamation. Ana is also being charged with impersonating her brother. As part of the deal, the Prosecutor’s Office offers a deal to the parents – all charges against them will be dropped if they sign an apology on behalf of the child.

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What Judgment Did The Court Pass?

Six and a half years after the fire, the parents get a hearing on their appeal from the Prosecutor’s Office when it comes to the inclusion of a popular jury into the trial of the four accused. This is because the parents of the victims have argued that the case is too complex for a regular judge to handle and that a popular jury should be included to ensure justice is served.

By doing activities that they once enjoyed, Grazi and Fernando are both trying to find a way to cope with the struggles and changes in their lives. It is a way for them to find solace in the midst of adversity.

After the trial was delayed due to the pandemic, it finally took place in 2021. The jury sentenced the four defendants to 19-20 years in prison due to the pandemic.

Despite this, nine months later, the Rio Grande do Sul Justice Court overturns this verdict for technical reasons, and all four defendants are now free to go back to their homes. Despite ten years having passed since the fire at Kiss nightclub, no one has been held accountable for the incident. As a result, a new jury has yet to be appointed.

Several of the parents have passed away, others are learning to live with their grief as they move on with their lives, but the association continues to fight for justice for their children and for those who were responsible for their death to be punished and brought to justice. Even though the parents of the deceased children have suffered a great loss, they still have a strong resolve to seek justice for their children and make sure the people responsible are held accountable.

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