Taylor Tomlinson Siblings, Mom: Meet Her 3 Sisters and Brother Dustin

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Taylor Tomlinson’s latest comedy special, ‘Have It All’ which is now available on Netflix. She has also released two more Netflix stand-up specials earlier titled, Quarter-Life Crisis (2020) and Look At You (2022). In her latest comedy, she also talks about how she looks up to Taylor Swift and reflects on her own remarkable journey towards becoming a superstar in the world of stand-up comedy.

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Taylor Tomlinson Siblings: Brother Dustin and Sisters Brinn, Page & Drea

Taylor Tomlinson frequently brings up her brother, Dustin Tomlinson during her comedy shows. In her recent stand-up special, ‘Have It All’, the comic discussed how she and her siblings were constantly trying to win their father’s approval. Since Taylor was the only member of the Tomlinson family without a partner, she further stated that dating was a major issue.

According to Taylor Tomlinson, all of her younger Gen Z siblings are happily married and identify as LGBT. Taylor’s three sisters, Brinn, Page, and Dren all identify as LGBT when considering her family.

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Brinn, 27, currently works as a customer service manager at Green Tomato Grill, based on their social media accounts. She studied communications disorder at California State University. The youngest sibling of Taylor’s family, Drea serves as a site coordinator for the Augustine Literacy Project.

All that is known about Page is that they changed from a woman to a male. They changed their name to Dustin and now identify as transgender. The siblings of Taylor Tomlinson appear to be supportive of one another despite their differences.

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Who Is Taylor Tomlinson’s Mom?

At the age of eight, Taylor Tomlinson lost her mother to cancer. According to her, she turned to stand-up comedy as a teenager as a means of performing, writing, and ultimately getting over her loss. She said,

“I started writing jokes about losing my mom when I was much younger. But they were very, like, hit-or-miss as far as how often they would work, because I was doing them, you know, on Sunset Friday night. And everybody was like, ‘We’re kinda here trying to get laid.’ … Can I say that? Oops!”

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She is a self-professed introvert and told in an interview with CBS News,

‘All my jokes have always been really rooted in my real life. When I first started, obviously I was very clean. I was 16 years old. Very sheltered. I mean, I hadn’t dated. I hadn’t had sex. I hadn’t done much of anything. And so, I think the jokes I was doing were probably a) pretty observational, and b) very self-deprecating.

Probably to, like, a point where it might’ve been a little sad, actually! This special’s different because it’s me acknowledging the fact that I am a successful comedian. Which felt sort of hard to say for a while! Not that anyone made me feel that way. I felt that way in my own heart.’


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