Who Was Norval Marley? Wiki, Age, Son, Wife, Family, Facts

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Norval Marley was the father of Bob Marley. He was from Crowborough, East Sussex, in England, then resident of Clarendon Parish, whose family claimed to have besides English, Syrian-Jewish origins.

When Norval married 18-year-old Afro-Jamaican Cedella Malcolm, he worked as a plantation overseer despite his claims to be a captain in the Royal Marines. Nesta Robert Marley is the birth name of Marley, according to some sources. There is a story about how a Jamaican passport official changed Marley’s first and middle names when he was still a boy because Nesta sounded like a girl’s name.

Norval Marley Early Life

Even though Norval Marley financially supported his wife and child, he was rarely present in their lives due to frequent absences. Marley, growing up in the catchment area of Saint Ann, attended Stepney Primary and Junior High School.

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When Marley was just 10 years old, his father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 70. Later on, Marley’s mother remarried a civil servant named Edward Booker from the United States. This marriage resulted in Marley gaining two half-brothers named Richard and Anthony.

Norval Marley Bio

Norval MarleyBio
Real NameNorval Marley
Nick NameNorval
ProfessionBob Marley’s dad
BirthplaceNine Mile, Saint Ann Parish,
Zodiac SignNa
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair colorBlonde
WifeCedella Booker
Children?Bob Marley,
Pearl Livingston,
Anthony Booker,
Richard Booker

Norval Marley Wiki

Norval Marley was a white Jamaican man, had a brief relationship with Cedella Booker, Bob’s mother. Their limited time together Norval’s influence on Bob was undeniable. He introduced him to various genres of music, including reggae.

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Although Norval passed away when Bob was just a young child, his legacy lived on through his son’s iconic music and the messages of unity and love that Bob spread throughout the world.

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When Was Norval Marley Born?

Norval Marley was born in 1882, in Clarendon, Jamaica. He was born to Albert Thomas Marley and his mother, Ellen Ann Bloomfield. His grand daughter, Karen Marley was born to Janet Bowen.


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