Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sofia Franklyn: Check It Out

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Prior to the internet conflict with David Portnoy, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn co-hosted the Call Her Daddy podcast. A year after her divorce, Sofia has started her own podcast, Sophia with an F, and is looking to start a business. There’s a lot on her plate right now, including the COVID-19 epidemic.

Despite this fact, many of Sofia’s fans are eager to learn more about her. Without naming any particular guy by name but going into extensive detail about their dating experiences on the podcast, Sofia and Alex discussed a lot about dating.

What has become of Sofia’s love life since then, and is the enigmatic “Suitman” still in her life? Many fans have a lot of questions about it, but Sofia’s preference for discretion on the subject holds many of those inquiries unanswered. Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sofia Franklyn: Check It Out.

Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend: Now In 2022

Anyone would be intrigued to find out who Sofia Franklyn’s boyfriend is. Many people believe that the actress has been dating an HBO sports executive for a long time. Peter Nelson is the name of the HBO sports executive in question. The couple made an effort to keep information about their relationship private, which resulted in Nelson remaining quiet.


As a result of his silence, he has been re-confirmed as a “suitman.” After being quarantined in Utah because of an outbreak, she was returned to New York safely in April 2018 via a podcast episode. Her boyfriend, however, suggested they share the place when she was seeking for an apartment in New York.

She was uncertain if she wanted to live with her current partner for a long time and spoke about wanting to live alone throughout her podcast, despite the fact that she had been living with him for some time. Even if we’ll never know who he is, we can be sure that this guy isn’t a recent addition to her life.

Sofia Franklyn, Who Is She?

Sofia Franklyn is an internet celebrity from the United States. She was born on July 22nd, 1992, and runs a podcast and blog. Her name is Sofia Franklyn, and she’s 28 years old. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah, she worked for a financial services firm.


She previously worked in the finance sector before getting into show business. She quit her job and relocated to Los Angeles. She began her career as a Barstool Sports blogger and podcaster. Her interest in podcasting was piqued by the experience. Because of Sofia Franklyn’s beautiful physique, the show acquired a whole new level of allure and mystery.

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Sofia Franklyn’s Net Worth

Sofia Franklyn’s net worth as of 2014 was believed to be $500,000. The Call Her Daddy podcast, co-hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, boosted their fame. Sofia Franklyn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in July of 1992.


She is a singer and actress who has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. After earning her degree from the University of Utah, Sofia Franklyn began working as a banker.

She began referring to him as “Whitman” rather than his own name in order to conceal his identity. The actress and her mother are now staying in Utah due to the epidemic.

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