Who is Bill Self’s wife, Cindy?


We take a look at Bill Self’s wife Cindy and their family before Kansas’ Final Four match against Villanova. The NCAA Tournament’s final four is here, and it’s time to play some ball! Tonight (2 April), No.1 Kansas will face off against No.2 Villanova, while No.2 Duke meets No.8 UNC in the semifinals. The Jayhawks are the only No.1 remaining in the tournament, and they’re back in the Final Four for the first time since 2018. Since 2008, Kansas has been seeking for its first national title. Who is Bill Self’s wife, Cindy?

Career of the Kansas head coach

Since 2003, Kansas’ Bill Self has been the men’s basketball coach at the University of Kansas and has guided the Jayhawks to 16 Big 12 regular season titles, four NCAA Final Four appearances, and a title. He is the sixth most successful active Division 1 head coach with 19 NBA draft picks among his players.

Who is Bill Self’s wife, Cindy?

Bill and Cindy Self’s wife, Cindy, is originally from Oklahoma City. She met Bill while playing basketball for the Oklahoma State men’s team in 1984. Bill and Cindy married in 1988 and have been together ever since. Bill told KU Sports about his wife, Cindy: “If there was such a thing as the perfect coach’s wife, she would be it. She is selfless with my time, yet she also has her own career to focus on.”

“Cindy contributes a lot to the team. She is, first and foremost, a fan. She’s a helpful sounding board for me because she can read body language as well as that of a team player. This is useful in situations where I may be missing something. “One of the most important roles Cindy provides for the boys is that she is a constant in their lives. You can’t take the place of someone’s mother, but she doesn’t change, she is there for all of us.”

Cindy Self has a strong desire to assist youngsters. She then went on to earn her master’s degree in elementary education from OKS. In 2006, Bill and Cindy set up the ASSISTS Foundation, which provides assistance to local children. Cindy is on Facebook where she has many photos with husband Bill.

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Bill Self’s children Tyler and Laurem

Tyler and Lauren Self are Bill and Cindy’s children. Lauren Self attended Kansas University and married Hayden Browning on August 16, 2014. She has two grandchildren, Ella Browning and Phoebe Browning, who are the grandkids of Bill and Cindy Self. Lauren now lives in Richardson, Texas.

Bill’s youngest child, Tyler, shares his father’s passion for basketball. He was a standout at the University of Kansas and later received his MBA from the University of Kansas School of Business while playing in college. Austin Spurs’ general manager is his career.

Who is Bill Self’s wife, Cindy FAQ

Q: What is Bill Self’s wife’s name?

A: Cindy Self

Q: When did Bill and Cindy marry?

A: 1988

Q: Where did Bill and Cindy meet?

A: At Oklahoma State University while playing basketball on the men’s team.

Q: What does Cindy do for a living?

A: Cindy is selfless and has her own career to focus on as a wife of a head coach. She contributes a lot to the team by being a helpful sounding board and by being able to read body language.

Q: What is Bill and Cindy’s foundation called?

A: ASSISTS Foundation, which provides assistance to local children.

Q: What is Tyler Self’s job?

A: Tyler is the general manager of the Austin Spurs.

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