Who Is Sarah Smith In Documentary Born From the Same Stranger?

Sarah Smith is a woman who appeared in the tv series ‘Born From the Same Stranger’ and she has discovered that she has 15 half-siblings after being conceived by a sperm donor.

Her parents went to a special clinic to get help from a donor because her dad couldn’t have children anymore due to cancer. She wishes she had known the truth while her dad was still alive because it is something she really regrets. Sarah grew up in Singapore and Indonesia but now lives in Cardiff. In an interview with The Sun, she told,


“I was very shocked but he’s my dad and it doesn’t change that. My whole family knew but everyone was sworn to secrecy. My mum said she wanted to tell me but my dad said that he didn’t want me to know.

I understand because the subject would have been taboo to some generations but I wish I’d known all along that my dad went to so much trouble to have me, because it is nice to know how much I was wanted.”

Sarah Smith and her dad story

In ITV documentary series ‘Born From The Same Stranger’ which is narrated by Davina McCall, Sarah’s story is highlighted. The documentary centers on people who were conceived through donor sperm and their journey to find their biological fathers and half-siblings.

Is Sarah met her biological father? Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t find out about this until her dad passed away in 2018. She struggled with the revelation explaining,

sarah-smith (3)

“Every time someone asks me ‘where are you from?’ part of me dies inside. He was willing to go through all these hoops to have me. I didn’t know that he wanted me that much.”

Who Is Sarah Smith?

Sarah Smith works as a tax specialist. She was raised in Singapore with a Singaporean mother named, Shyra and white British father, Howard. She was conceived from a British donor.

Sarah Smith with her mom and dad

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Before she found out the real information, she came upon some documents related to a sperm bank while at her family’s house.

But her dad’s response discouraged her from looking into it any further. Most recently, she was also informed that 15 of her siblings were born to the same donor. She has not been so lucky and is yet to find a sibling. She said,

“My dad reacted really strongly and got angry at me, which I didn’t understand because I thought my parents froze my dad’s sperm because of his earlier cancer. I didn’t think much of it at the time but when I was telling my colleague, ‘What if you’re not biologically his daughter?”

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