Meet Liam Renouf: Conceived by a single mother who used a sperm donor

Liam Renouf hails from New Jersey who recently appeared in a new documentary from the award-winning team at Wall to Wall Media, the people behind ITV’s ‘Long Lost Family’. He appeared with his mother Julie and his half-sister Beth shared their extraordinary story.

In a new ITV documentary Born From the Same Stranger, they are among several sperm or egg donor recipients hunting for their long-lost relatives. The new series follows the remarkable experiences of people born via sperm donation who are attempting to find anonymous donors or potential brothers and sisters. This four-part series will follow searchers as they seek clues, with an online team of specialists to advise and support them. Let’s find more about Liam Renouf.

Who Is Liam Renouf?

Liam Renouf is 28 years old, as of 2024. He has discovered three siblings Beth, Charlie and Mae who all have the same biological father, but they were born in the 90s, so their father’s anonymity is protected by law. Liam said in the show,

‘It is kind of an ethical minefield because people did this amazing thing under the understanding that it was going to be anonymous, and now that annonminity is a bit more challenging with commercial DNA testing.

Liam Renouf with his siblings
Beth, Charlie and Mae

I think the important distinction is you have the right to know but not the right to a relationship, and I think it’s really important for people to have that information for things like health reasons. I found out some information about my donor, nothing that was particularly surprising. So I have always known his profession and my mum had asked for someone with wavy hair and I knew he was likely to have brown hair and blue eyes.

But it was a statement that threw me, I didn’t realise that they had recorded a statement that he had made [about his personality], it was eerily close to me.’

Can Liam Renouf Legally Access His Biological Dad?

Liam cannot legally access his biological father’s identity, but he can be provided non-identifying information. Liam checked a DNA website to see if he had any half siblings.

liam-renouf (3)

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Though, he is very happy about discovering his half siblings. Although he couldn’t determine their identities, the non-identifying information provided by the DNA website gave him a sense of connection and belonging. Excited to potentially have a relationship with his siblings, Liam reached out to the website’s support team for guidance on how to proceed. He said,

‘When I found my half siblings, I couldn’t imagine my life without them now, I don’t know if I need to find the donor now , he done something really great for our families a while ago.’

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