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Samuel Little was an American serial murderer who has claimed responsibility for the murders of 93 people, mostly women. In 2014, he was convicted in Texas for the deaths of Carol Ilene Elford, Guadalupe Duarte Apodaca, and Audrey Nelson Everett. He was also convicted in 2018 for the murder of Denise Christie Brothers.

According to the FBI, Little was involved in at least 60 of the 93 confessed murders, more than any other serial killer in US history. According to Ector County, Texas District Attorney Bobby Bland, Little allegedly murdered women in 19 different states over 35 years and then stopped around 2005.

Samuel Little Full Murder Lists

In 1961, Little was sentenced to three years in prison for burglarizing a furniture store in Lorain; he was released in 1964. By 1975, he had been detained 26 times in 11 states for offenses including theft, assault, attempted rape, fraud, and attacks on government officials.

In September 1982, Little was arrested in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and charged with the murder of 22-year-old Melinda Rose LáPree. A grand jury declined to indict him for her death. Nonetheless, Little was extradited to Florida and tried for the murder of 26-year-old Patricia Ann Mount after being investigated. During the trial, a witness testified that Little was present with Mount on the evening before her disappearance. Little was acquitted in January 1984 owing to public distrust of witness accounts.

After a few years, he relocated to California and stayed in the region of San Diego. In October 1984, 22-year-old Laurie Barros was kidnapped, beaten, and strangled by him. He was discovered by police in the back seat of his automobile with an unconscious woman, battered and strangled, one month later in the same location as Barros’ attempted murder. Both sentences were served in prison for two and a half years. He fled the country after his release and committed at least 10 additional murders while living in Los Angeles.

Little was arrested on September 5, 2012 at a homeless shelter in Louisville, Kentucky and extradited to California to face a narcotics charge, after which DNA testing was used to establish that he was involved in the murders of Carol Ilene Elford (July 13, 1987), Guadalupe Duarte Apodaca (September 3, 1987) and Audrey Nelson Everett (August 14, 1989). All three women were murdered before being discovered on the streets of Los Angeles. He was transferred to Los Angeles and charged there on January 7, 2013.

The cops opened a new murder investigation into Little’s involvement in three dozen murders committed in the 1980s, which had previously gone unmentioned. The LaPree murder case was reopened in light of the new circumstances in Mississippi. In total, Little was investigated for 93 murders of women throughout the United States.

Samuel Little Wife, Girlfriend

Little had a long-term girlfriend, Jean, since deceased, who supported them both through shoplifting for years. He used a wheelchair and had diabetes and a heart condition.

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Samuel Little Cause Of Death

On December 30, 2020, a Los Angeles County hospital lost someone. Although California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sources indicate no final determination as to the specific cause of death, Little had diabetes, heart problems, and other health issues, according to authorities.

Samuel Little Documentary

  • Confronting a Serial Killer is an American documentary television miniseries, directed and produced by Joe Berlinger, showing Jillian Lauren investigating Little.
  • Consisting of 5 episodes, it premiered on April 18, 2021, on Starz.

Samuel Little Unmatched Confessions

  • “Marianne” Miami, Florida (1971 or 1972)
  • “Ruth” Little Rock, Arkansas (1992 or 1994)
  • Covington, Kentucky (1984)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (1993)

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