How Does Laurie Know Rue’s Full Name, Ruby Bennett?

After a dramatic start in Euphoria Season 2 Episode 5, Rue (portrayed by Zendaya) is on the run. Jules and Elliot come to Rue’s mother to inform her that her daughter is using drugs again, which leads to the episode exploding from there.

After losing all of Laurie’s drugs she was supposed to sell, Rue finally arrives at Laurie’s home – and Laurie calls her “Ruby Bennett.” Is it possible that Laurie knows Rue’s whole name?

Rue’s full name is Ruby Bennett

In Euphoria Season 2 Episode 5, Laurie makes a triumphant return. Rue runs to Laurie’s home after being pursued by the cops, and she is taken in. When Rue arrives at Laurie’s house, she gives the druglord stolen jewelry and money while frantically detailing everything that has happened to her drugs that were given to Rue to sell. When confronted with this information, Laurie injects Rue with morphine. The medication helps to relax Rue until she falls asleep.

Laurie calls Rue by what appears to be her complete name, Ruby Bennett, before administering the morphine. Because of Rue’s mental illness, it does not appear that she comprehends that Laurie knows her name. Within the episode, Rue does not confirm or deny if her first name is Ruby and if she is a nickname.

How does Laurie know Rue’s name is Ruby Bennett?

In the second season of Euphoria, how does Laurie know Ruby Bennett’s complete name in episode 5 if Rue’s real name is Ruby Bennett?

Laurie has a large network working for her on the outside, and it’s obvious. It’s probable that when Rue first visited the home with Fez, this network did their homework on Rue. Laurie provided numerous hints suggesting she thought Rue would return.

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In addition, when Rue brought up her business idea with Laurie, the latter made a veiled threat to kidnap Rue if she didn’t fulfill her guarantee. To do so, Laurie would need to be aware of everything about Rue, including her whole name and address. It’s very probable that Laurie left her complete name with Louisiana in order for the teenager to remember that Laurie will and can locate her if she doesn’t receive the promised money.

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