Robert Pattinson Girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse Pregnant

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Robert Pattinson and his partner Suki Waterhouse are notorious for their reluctance to discuss their personal lives. But, according on rumors, the singer and supermodel are expecting a child in 2022. The pair has been dating for more than three years, but they don’t feel it’s necessary to flaunt their relationship, unlike other A-list couples. So, why do people think Suki Waterhouse is pregnant with Robert Patter son?

Is Suki Waterhouse Pregnant? Suki Waterhouse is not pregnant, as she and her husband are not expecting their first child. Suki’s most recent Instagram photo has fueled pregnancy rumors, in which the model appears to be wearing a baggy sweatshirt. Her fans quickly deduced that she was hiding a baby bump. These are merely baseless predictions based on no evidence at all.

Suki and Robert have never been linked to wanting to conceive a child together. Our sources have attempted to contact Suki for comment on all the rumors. But, as of this writing, she has yet to respond.

Who Is Robert Pattinson, Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse?

In an interview with GQ, the Batman star revealed a little about his connection with Suki. Though he didn’t give out much information, he was able to convey just how well suited the pair are. He explained that he moved his interview from London Zoo to Holland Park because his girlfriend warned him that folks dislike zoos.

Robert told Kimmel that Suki got emotional when she watched his most recent film. Robert stated, “I showed it to my girlfriend…It was her reaction that really altered the game for me, as I’m sure she’s never seen a superhero movie before.”

He described further that “And, just viewing that it was capturing her attention the whole time and then she held my hand and touched it to her face and I could feel a little tear. And I was like, ‘No way!’.

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Couple Spotted The Duo Together On Instagram

Suki and Robert do not follow each other on Instagram. Suki has not shared any photographs with Robert, and he does not have an Instagram.

They’re more likely to run into them than the paparazzi, but sighting them together is unusual unless they’re out walking about. However, one of Suki’s most recent Instagram photos has convinced her fans that Robert took it.

Suki is seen leaning against a vehicle in one of her most recent postings, whose glass has a reflection of a guy taking the photo. Robert was chosen as the most popular option by fans. “Is that Batman taking your photograph?” one admirer inquired.

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