The Reason The ‘Succession’ Season 3 Finale Was So Brutal

The removal of Caroline from the room in the Succession Season 3 finale had no impact on what occurred. However, having her on speakerphone made it clear how impersonal the family business was.

“It’s the same action, it’s the same story but dramatically and emotionally it plays in a much different, and in my view, sinister way,” Rich said. “I was in the room when we discussed it.

There was much talk about how to stage it. When he’s revealed as the new power if you will, who’s there? Where does it happen in the scene? Who else is in the room? A lot of what happened around it hadn’t been choreographed yet but we knew he’d sort of be the last man standing among the siblings.” The Reason The ‘Succession’ Season 3 Finale Was So Brutal.

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Kendall, Shiv, and Roman could understand what he was going through. They believed they’d outsmarted Logan, but they were surprised to discover that he remained one step ahead of them.

I don’t look down on anyone in the group. I feel like there but for the grace of God go I about almost all of them.

They’re rich kids and they’ve had a very easy path. I don’t think that means they’re incapable of becoming something else or using their intellects which they have, but they have certain material advantages and they have a bunch of situational disadvantages as well too.

Even though it’s somewhat ludicrous to feel that about them, but they do. That’s certainly one thing their dad can’t help but noticing.

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Caroline originally appeared in this ‘Succession’ Season 3 finale scene
When the siblings confront Logan with their plot to use their shares in Waystar Royco against him, they learn they no longer have a majority stake.

Caroline is on the phone informing them that she altered their assets as part of the divorce settlement. According to Rich, Season 3 of Succession originally featured Caroline in the room.

“One small example that to me I find very powerful in watching the scene over and over again involves Caroline in the last scene,” Rich said on the Succession podcast. “Originally, until quite late in the process, several days before we shot it, Caroline was going to be physically in the room f***ing them over. Instead, it became an iPhone call.”

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