Raymond Briggs Net Worth Explored: Wife Name Explored

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Raymond Briggs was an English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and author. He was best known for his work in children’s literature, especially his 1978 book The Snowman, which was made into an Oscar-nominated animated film and has become a Christmas classic in Britain. Briggs was born in London on January 18, 1934 to Ethel and Ernest Briggs. His father worked as a milkman and his mother was a housewife. He had two older sisters, Joan and Audrey. Briggs began drawing at an early age and showed a talent for art. He attended the Wimbledon College of Art from 1950 to 1953. After college, he worked as an illustrator for advertising agencies and magazines.

In 1959, Briggs published his first children’s book, Ethel & Ernest, which was based on his parents’ lives. He followed this with a series of picture books including Father Christmas (1973), The Snowman (1978), and Fungus the Bogeyman (1977). Briggs also wrote and illustrated several graphic novels for adults, including When the Wind Blows (1982), which was adapted into an animated film in 1986. Raymond Briggs Net Worth Explored: Wife Name Explored.

Raymond Briggs’s Wife Now

Raymond Briggs married his first wife, Jean Briggs, in 1963. However, contrary to expectations, she departed early as a result of schizophrenia and was gone by 1973. He was also grieving the loss of his parents who had died two years before. They didn’t have a kid together. After her death, he may have had few relationships or been single; however no information about Raymond’s dating life has ever been released.


He was living with his partner Liz in a small house in Sussex when he was reported. The two were together for a long time, but they did not get married. Liz passed away in October 2015 from Parkinson’s disease. Even though he faced a lot of tragedy in his life, he did not stop writing and illustrating books.

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How Much Is The Net Worth Of Raymond Briggs?

Briggs was the well-known British artist who created The Snowman tale. He is anticipated to have a net worth of $2 million when he dies on Tuesday, 9 August. However, it wasn’t just his financial gain from his artistic profession that mattered; it was also his followers and networks. After studying painting, he began his professional career as an illustration artist. He also began working in the children’s book market. One of his published books, Peter and the Pikies: Cornish Fold and Fairy Tales, by Ruth Manning-Sanders, is a picture book about Peter and the Pikies: Cornish Folds and Mythical Creatures.

Furthermore, he has received a number of accolades and been recognized with several honours throughout his career. He was last recognized in 2014 with the Phoenix Picture Award for his 1994 The Bear from the Children’s Literature Association, which he created and illustrated. From a young age, he had an attraction to cartoons. Unfortunately, his father did not provide him much encouragement, but Briggs attended Wimbledon School of Art, where he learned about painting under favorable conditions. He then attended the Central School of Art to study more about type design.

Raymond Briggs Death Cause

Briggs died of pneumonia at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton on 9 August 2022, aged 88. The publisher of Raymond Briggs, Penguin Random House, has revealed the tragic news about his passing. According to the announcement, pneumonia was the cause of his death. The renowned illustrator was 88 years old and resided in Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. Everyone in the business was shocked by the news. He had not been seen on social media or in the media lately. As a result, much less information regarding his personal life is known.

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