Who Is The Wife Of Bill Pitman, Jan Pitman?

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Jan Pitman is the wife of Bill Pitman, who was an American guitarist and session musician who worked in Los Angeles. As a first-call studio musician in Losicago, Pitman played on some of the most renowned and important rock and roll recordings of all time. His mastery of the instrument attracted him to work on popular music records, television shows, and film scores.

His playing style and range covered a wide spectrum, from the distinct ukulele in “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” to a rich-sounding Danelectro guitar that gave The Wild Wild West its distinctive sound. Who Is The Wife Of Bill Pitman, Jan Pitman?

Who Is Jan Pitman, Bill Pitman’s Wife?

Pitman first met his wife, Jan, at the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Art. They were both singing students at the conservatory. They might have gotten married when they were around 25 years old. The date is unknown, but they had three children together.

“I went on the G.I. Bill, but I had to start working since my wife became pregnant approximately six months before I earned my degree. I only knew how to play the guitar and lacked ties in the industry.”


In addition, Pitman worked in a pipe factory for three years as a favor to a friend. Following an evening at his employer’s house, he realized that “there was a guitar, and I began to play.” The boss liked it immensely. The next day, the boss took me into his office and told me the story that altered my life.

The boss, who always dreamed of being a farmer, said that after working here for three years, you don’t know the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer. You aren’t into it. If I were you, I would bet on your talent. Bill continued, “So, my wife promised she’d find a job at General Motors if I’d agree to practice what I needed to learn to be competitive for eight hours a day.”

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Bill Pitman’s Death Cause

Pitman lived in La Quinta, California with his wife Jan. He spent his retirement playing golf at the local country club, and occasionally participated in panel discussions of The Wrecking Crew documentary film. He died on August 11, 2022, at the age of 102.

Bill Pitman Career Explored

Bill Pitman developed an interest in music at a young age when his father worked as a bass player on staff at NBC in Rockefeller Center. He had grown confident that he could play as well as many of the guitarists in the jazz clubs of Los Angeles, by 1951. Pitman worked as a freelance musician, employing an answering service to help him schedule recording dates. His enduring legacy is one of an accomplished guitarist who played on some of the twentieth century’s most popular recordings.

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