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Parker Leverett, 14, a young boy who was struggling to stay with his father, has won many hearts. However, the law barred the boy from leaving by himself and there is no information about where he’s currently in 2021.

Parker Leverett captured the world’s heart with this moving video of 72 minutes. When the film was created the actor stayed at the home of his dad (Caleb Leverett) for approximately two and a half months.

Parker was directed to go back to his stepfather and mother’s home by the judge Denn Whalen in Ector County, Texas, on August 19th, 2013. The family recently moved from San Antonio, TX, which is about a 6 hour trip from his home town in Odessa, TX.

Parker was given about fifteen minutes for his last goodbye to the family he loves. It was a heart-breaking tearjerker and was recorded on film.

The event took place 4 years ago, and today; let’s look at how much time has passed, Parker.

Who Is Parker Leverett?

Parker Leverett is the son of YouTuber Caleb Leverett. The family is well-known on YouTube since they appeared in a variety of Caleb’s videos.

His mother was considered an unclean person from the mainstream media and his stepfather was accused of abuse. These were judgments of personality from a lot of people who commented on the video of Caleb.

There are four siblings in his family Most of them haven’t been given a name. We are aware of Brian, his brother. Brian.

Blaine was detained after his mother called the police on him for being found using a self-copying device that was illegally used. I. Blaine was placed on a 72-hour mental standoff against his will on the 7th of June the 7th of June, 2017.

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Blaine was slamming his body by his stepfather prior to this incident, which drove Blaine towards the issues.

Parker Leverett On Instagram

Parker Leverett isn’t online on Instagram. It appears that he has not yet opened the account on Instagram profile, or has kept it secret from us all.

In addition, his father is active on Instagram regularly posting posts each and every day.

Parker’s father has more than 1000 followers following his Instagram account and has shared over 100 times till the present.

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