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Ozmafia Soh Walkthrough & Guide In 2022

Welcome to the walkthrough for Ozmafia Soh on iOS and Android. If you’re having trouble solving some of the levels in this game, you are in the right place. On this page you can get a quick recap of what’s been happening so far in Ozmafia Soh as well as a detailed list of all levels and solutions.

This guide is divided into several sections. You can also find details about how to join an event or fight with your friends in the Event Guide & Friend Fight Guide section. Other big events such as Live2D battles and AR Card battles will be covered there too! Ozmafia Soh Walkthrough & Guide In 2022.

Ozmafia Soh Walkthrough: Endings

  • Hello.
  • Now that you mention it…
  • I’ll decide myself
  • Character Choice > Choose Caramia
  • I didn’t have anything to do…
  • I’ll be more careful from now on
  • What about Mr. Kyrie?
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Sounds like fun
  • It’s boring
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Be honest with him
  • He’s a strange person
  • I’ll give it a shot
  • I’m doing it because I want to
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • I’d like to watch too
  • Axel
  • Be annoyed
  • Be confused
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Get right to the point
  • Of course
  • Pancakes please
  • Stop Mr. Kyrie!
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • But it tastes good…
  • They must be very kind people
  • I’d give up
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • It sounds interesting
  • Please don’t be so rude
  • But Axel is…
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Scar
  • I don’t think you should be doing that…
  • You’ll get taller!
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • I’d love it!
  • Please don’t fight
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • You should also be careful
  • Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Maybe I can make friends with them
  • Is she that stubborn?
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Mr. Caramia
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • I can’t wait!
  • That’s too bad…
  • Character Choice > Choose Soh
  • Maybe I’ll go over anyway
  • You really take your job too seriously
  • Thank you very much

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Ozmafia Soh Walkthrough: Route Unlocked

  • You’re pretty brave
  • I’ll join you
  • Well yeah
  • That’s so cool!
  • Meteor Shower Gathering
  • Sure!
  • Because I love Soh
  • SAVE! > 1st Save
  • Thanks
  • Goodbye
  • I’d love to!
  • Thanks
  • Thanks

Soh ending 1

  • Load SAVE > 1st Save
  • It’s okay
  • Soh…
  • Could we really do that?
  • It’s delicious
  • I’m sorry

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