Summertime Saga Diane: Walkthrough, Route

Welcome to the Summertime Saga Guide, where we’ll show you how to complete all of the activities and obtain all of the scenes and endings. Summertime Saga is an explicit dating simulator and visual novel style game which follows the male protagonist as he tries to find the truth behind his fathers recent death while juggling school, his finances, and trying to get a date.

We recommend you to play the game for yourself before reading our guide. It will help you understand everything much better, and it is a lot of fun. Summertime Saga Diane: Walkthrough, Route.

How do you play summertime saga for beginners?

These are some things you should note about your progress on Summertime Saga.

  • Maintain Good Stats. As the main character, you will need to maintain good stats to enjoy the game. …
  • Be mindful of In-game Time.
  • Three Events per Day.
  • Wait a Weekend If You Seem Stuck.
  • Downloading an Updated Version Can Lose Your Progress.

Summertime Saga Guide: Diane

We take you through the whole Diane journey step by step, so you can discover all of her endings and scenes. Of course, there are major plot twists, so it’s up to you whether or not you want to know them.

Working in the Garden: Diane’s route

Go to Diane’s house. Her shovel is broken, so go to your garage and get one. Then assist her in the garden, harvest the cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, and corn before leaving. Wait three days and return to her garden after she gives you the delivery, then go with Maria to the storage room and back to the garden.

Wait another three days and revisit her garden once more; you’ll have to lift the wheelbarrow again. On the following morning, go to the garden and deliver a glass of water to Diane in her bedroom (kitchen).

The next day, visit Diane’s home and clean her garden, removing all of it before entering her bedroom. You must purchase the Bug Annihilator Spray from a shop (Mall > Consum-R). Next, go to Diane’s home and the kitchen area, where you may grab anything you require from the garden. Visit Diane in the garden on the day after and give her what she needs (kitchen counter)

Delivery guy: Diane’s route

Wait 3 days and pay a visit to Diane, take the milk cartons (shed) from Lucy (daycare), go to Diane’s bedroom and leave the cash. Wait two days and visit Diane’s garden, then meet Debbie in your home at night to give the pie to Diane, who is in the shed. The next morning, head to Diane’s garden and work for her. Use the milk pump on the storage jar in the shed. Then prepare a cocktail for her, which is in the kitchen. Then go to the garden and finally apply sunscreen on her back.

Next day meet Diane in ther garden. After two days, go to the garden and then back to the shed for a scene. If you visit the shed again at night, you will have another encounter. Next day spy Diane and Debbie in the Kitchen The following day, meet Diane and she’ll request another delivery. The milk boxes are in the shed; they go to the School > Principal Smith’s office > cafeteria; and return with Diane.

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Living Together: Diane’s route

The day after, get a sea trout (Pier > Captain Terry) and head to the kitchen. The next day, Diane asks you for assistance in constructing a barn. travel to Annie’s home and ask for the carpenter, take the hammer and handsaw, complete your work, and then return with Diane.

After a week, go to the kitchen and then to the barn, where Richard gives you a piece of the statue. Buy a milk container (Consum-R > Mall > Jane at the library; take the Breeder guide; finally hand everything over to Diane).

Take a shower, get dressed, and go to the living room for 2 days. Then retire to bed. Next morning, go to the kitchen, then barn, followed by clinic. You may watch an optional scene in the bathroom (2nd floor) before returning to the home entrance and addressing Diane. After two days, speak with Diane and go to the Pink store. Take Ivy’s package from the box and deliver it to her. In this stage, be careful not to become pregnant.

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