House Party Walkthrough Complete Guide: Rachel, Ashley, Leah & Madison

If you get stuck in the game, check out our House Party Game Guide. It’s a popular dating game where your ending is determined by your decisions. Read through this House Party Game Guide to learn more about the game. House Party is a game where you play as a character who’s throwing a party. Your goal is to make sure the party is a success by keeping your guests happy and preventing any fights from breaking out. You’ll need to keep an eye on your guests’ moods and make sure they’re having a good time, or else they’ll leave and the party will be over.

To keep your guests happy, you’ll need to talk to them and get to know them. Each guest has their own personality and likes/dislikes, so it’s up to you to figure out what they want. You can also give them gifts to try and win them over. House Party Walkthrough 2022: Rachel, Ashley, Leah & Madison Complete Guide.

House Party Game Guide

Eek’s House Party is a 3D adventure dating sim that was released in 2017. In its first year on the market, the game sold approximately 300,000 copies. Because it is a simulation, there are numerous endings to the game, and each decision counts.

You’ll have to start over if you make an incorrect move. However, with the assistance of a guidebook, you may finish the game quickly. To access all of House Party’s secrets, scroll down below.

House Party Rachel Guide

Listed below are the steps for the Rachel Guide:

  1. You should introduce yourself the first thing you do when you visit Madison.
  2. You should go over the conversation until you finish it and make sure that you’ve done everything correctly. Then, after greeting Rachel, choose the option “Nice to meet you,” “discuss Madison,” and finally, “it’s a video game.” After that, say something like, “Are you having a good time at the party?”
  3. Start a conversation with Frank about stealing from Rachel; you’ll need to check her thermos in order to win his confidence.
  4. Open the refrigerator and take a sip to discover the coffee.
  5. Take the stove from the pantry cupboard, next to the refrigerator. You may remove the kettle and place it on the highest ring visible on the stove by hitting (CTRL). Then make yourself a cup of coffee and turn on the stove after that.
  6. Drink as much alcohol as you can until the coffee is finished; in the cupboard behind Frank, you’ll find more booze.
  7. Pick up the natty light that’s tucked away under the solitary chair beside the window where Frank is.
  8. In the study, look for a fireplace with speakers on top. Go to the right speakers and take it, then pull it down. Another neat light may be found here.
  9. Head to the kitchen and garage, where you’ll find another natty lite next to a blue box on a shelf. Take it.
  10. If you encountered Patrick when going upstairs, introduce yourself and volunteer to help.
  11. Another natty light on the top shelf beside the bathroom door is decorative.
  12. To obtain the painkillers, you must pass through the master bedroom, and as soon as you open the bathroom door, close it behind you to avoid being seen. Take the pills that were found atop a basket in a corner of the room.
  13. Go to the bathroom and gather a basket, which you’ll lower for another natty lite. You’ll discover what you’re looking for behind it. For the time being, ignore the kettle’s whistling noise.
  14. Get another natty lite by going to Brittney’s room and searching for a laptop on the left-hand side of the desk, as well as a bottle.
  15. Toss the coffee into a cup, then back to the kitchen. Make sure the stove is turned off before leaving.
  16. Give Patrick the drugs he wants and ask for a favour: his phone. Brittney is where you’ll find it.
  17. Introduce yourself to Brittney and get Patrick’s phone number.
  18. Find Patrick and tell him to return his phone, making sure to mention his inebriation.
  19. Inform Patrick about Frank’s wine bottle. Now go to Frank and tell him about Patrick; a fight will occur, and grab Patrick’s bottle of wine as soon as he drops it.
  20. Give Frank all of your natty lites and tell him to sniff the thermos while you sniff the silver thermos and tell Frank it has water. Frank will then hand it on to you.
  21. Tell Patrick that the coffee he’s drinking is Irish coffee, and watch him sober up.
  22. “Tell her you’re not afraid of Frank, look at these biceps,” you remark as you hand the thermos back to Rachel. Just make sure Frank isn’t in the vicinity.
  23. Ask Rachel if she’s nervous, and she’ll respond with “believe me” and “that’s wonderful.” You can now inquire about Rachel’s phone number.
  24. When Patrick returns, tell him to get his phone from Brittney and take it from him.
  25. You can now ask Madison for Vickie’s phone number. To make this happen, you must first trick Ashley by untying her top, and then Madison will give you the phone number.
  26. Make sure Madison is in the room when you sneak behind Ashley and unhook her top without her noticing. You can obtain Vickie’s contact information.
  27. You can now discuss phone hacking and falsified messages with Katherine. Follow her to the room with a laptop and hand over Patrick’s phone.
  28. Choose the option to send texts to Rachel first, then to Vickie.
  29. Select the messages in the following order: “tell cute guy about wet dream,” “wait for Rachel to come and chat to you,” and “tell cute guy about wet dream.” Wait for it to happen by selecting the fake text option that says “take your shirt off.” When the internet goes down, you can locate it on the top shelf of the study room’s cabinet. Turn it off and then back on again.
  30. When the internet is back up, send her another hoax text: “flash the cute boy.” Find Rachel and follow her outside, then select “dancing in your bi” from the dialogue option “how her buddy knows you.” When she’s finished dancing. “Get nked for cute guy for 30 seconds,” use bogus texts once more. Follow her outside now. Request that Katherine send you a bogus text message saying “get n*ked and tch herself,” and then hide in the spare room closet until she’s finished.

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House Party Ashley Game Guide

If you don’t want to take Madison’s Blackmail option, you may instead choose Ashley and earn street bonuses. Here are the instructions for completing it.

  1. After Step 14 in the Madison Guide, you’ve been entrusted with her clothes by Ashley.
  2. Take the clothes with you to the laundry room. It’s on the other side of the house from where you’re washing the laundry. Go down to get some sod from the fridge while your clothing is being washed.
  3. Retrieve the clothes from the washing machine and give them to Ashley. Dry the damp clothing in the dryer after it has been washed.
  4. Return the clothes to Ashley before speaking with her. She will not offer you a reward.

House Party Madison Guide

Listed below are the steps for Madison Guide:


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  1. To start a conversation with Madison, introduce yourself to Frank.Choose – “I think I’d want to get to know you a little better” > “I think I’d like to get to know you a little better” Request a bathroom and select a chat option regarding Frank. This will strengthen your bond with Madison.
  2. Introduce yourself to Ashley and pick one of the chat topics below.
  3. You’re Madison’s younger sister, right? Never in a million years would I have thought.
  4. Frank was inspecting you.
  5. So, what’s the storey with you and Madison?
  6. Collect the mystery key next to the white vase on the left side of the fireplace. Look on the left shelf as you enter the garage for the bathroom key.
  7. Upstairs, the first door on the right is the Master Bedroom. Look for Madison’s phone beside the sink in the bathroom, which is the first door on the left.
  8. Brittney is in the room next to the Bunk Bed room. Introduce yourself and then have a look around the area around the laptop. Gather the scrap of paper.
  9. Return to the master bedroom, where there is a table adjacent to the bed. It’s in the corner, and it’s framed by a mirror. Look for a gastronomy book and a pencil to use on the paper. You’ll acquire the passcode for Madison’s Safe if you collect the paper.
  10. You’ll need to get Madison’s diary from the master bedroom closet. But there’s a catch: you can only open the safe when no one else is around.
  11. Return Madison’s phone and speak with her about Brittney.
  12. Make sure you and Madison are alone in the room before approaching Madison with your prize request. She will agree to prank Ashley, but your scheme will fail if Ashley is present.
  13. Locate Ashley and assist her in drying off. Compliment her on her attractiveness.
  14. Grab the towel from the downstairs bathroom. That should go to Ashley. Offer to assist her with her laundry.
  15. Give her Madison’s diary now to build her trust. She’ll agree to let you wash her clothing after that. Collect the wet garments by following her to the room with the bunk bed.
  16. Inquire if she requires anything else. Ashley is in the mood for a Coke.
  17. Return to the Master Bedroom before you go down to collect Soda from the Fridge. In the master bedroom go to the closet and grab a while bottle of eye drop from the bottom shelves.
  18. Go downstairs and fetch the Coke from the refrigerator, as well as the skeleton key from the bathroom. Look between the green and blue plates, opposite the white socket, for the key.
  19. Lock the bathroom in the basement, then go upstairs and lock the bathroom in the Master Bedroom. Look at the restroom next to Ashley’s room to make sure she can’t get into it.
  20. Now give her the Soda, and she’ll begin to feel bad. She rushes downstairs naked, exposing herself in front of everyone.
  21. Speak with Madison and claim your prize.

House Party Leah Guide

Listed below are the steps for Leah Guide:

  1. Speak with Leah.
  2. First and foremost, you must speak with Leah.
  3. Tell Rachel that it was fine after she defeated Patrick.
  4. Approach Rachel and inquire on her enjoyment at the party. Make an offer to speak with Frank.
  5. Approach Rachel and ask if she’s having fun, be sure to keep the discussion moving, and offer to speak with Frank in between.
  6. Select this conversation line while speaking with Frank: “Your absolutely sober, why he steals from females, you can check it.”
  7. Bring Frank six bottles of vdka and force him to sniff the thermos. Examine the contents of the thermos for yourself, but refrain from attempting to steal it from Frank for the time being. Reconnect with Frank and inform him that the thermos has water. Make Rachel believe she doesn’t have to be afraid of Frank, and make sure you’re not being eavesdropped on by him. When you’re with Rachel, ask whether she’s having a good time and try to gain her trust by telling her you’re a trustworthy person and getting her phone number. Tell Madison she’s doing good, and don’t forget to admire her brownies. You must now speak with Ashley. “You can notice the resemblance between them, they’re both hotter than Madison.” Hand over his phone to him. “Hotter than Madison, you can see the resemblance between them,” return to Ashley and tell her. Provide her with your phone number. Speak with Madison and assure her that you can be trusted with her other plans. Please return Madison’s diary from the Master Bedroom. Talk to Vickie and get her phone number, then go somewhere quiet, either inside or outside, to spy on Madison’s contacts. Obtain the pain remedies that Patrick desires. Locate Brittney and approach her; ask her about Patrick’s phone approximately halfway through the talk. When Brittney refuses to return the phone, confront Patrick and demand that he return it. To overcome Patrick, you can choose either Frank or Madison, which will let you keep the bottle of wne. “Patrick is trying to clep some stuff,” select the dialogue option.
  8. Talk to Patrick and select the option that states, “He should keep an eye on Frank, and inquire as to how he hides the bottle.”
  9. Use someone’s assistance to pick up the wine bottle when it falls from Patrick’s hands, or simply pick it up when it falls.
  10. Make the coffee with the wine in the kitchen, using the kettle if necessary. Pour the wine into the kettle once it’s finished.
  11. Give Patrick this w*ne coffee and he’ll gradually become sober.
  12. Approach Patrick and take his phone.
  13. You’ll need to speak with Katherine now, using terms like “need” and informing her of your phone hacking abilities.
  14. After that, invite Vickie to the celebration and take her to the Garden, where you can tell her about what Rachel told you.
  15. Speak with Katherine and let her know you’re all set.
  16. Return to Ashley and commend her on her beautiful grin.
  17. Bring a blue flower to Ashley and present it to her.
  18. Declare your affection for Ashley.
  19. Locate Leah in the jacuzzi and pay her a complement on her chest.
  20. Give her an indication that you’re about to strip down to your underwear.
  21. Use 15 various strategies to make yourself joyful in a private setting.
  22. Return to the jacuzzi and try your luck with Vickie once more.
  23. You’ll get the reward you’ve been waiting for after a brief talk.

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