Not My Responsibility song by Billie Eilish: Explained


Billie Eilish song Not My Responsibility explanation: In this article, we’re going to be breaking down Billie Eilish’s song ‘Not My Responsibility’ and explaining the lyrics line by line. The song touches on a variety of different themes including responsibility, mental health, love and relationships.

At the end of this article there’s a video version of this explanation that you can watch which includes clips from Billie & Khalid’s performance at Coachella 2019 too.

The music video for Not My Responsibility was released in April 2019 along with two additional tracks from when we fade away pt iii EP – who are you? and goodbye.

In February 2019, she revealed via her Instagram story that new music would be coming out on March 15th so it’s possible that a music video will be coming for this song as well.

The storyboard for the Not My Responsibility music video was released in March 2019 and can be watched here: Billie Eilish’s Storyboard – Not My Responsibility.

It’s likely that her singles Bad guy, you should see me in a crown & Bury a friend were all released from the same EP because of how stylistically/thematically similar they are so it wouldn’t surprise us if she releases more singles from when we fade away pt iii EP too! You can listen to these three songs on Spotify or buy them from iTunes.

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Not My Responsibility song Explained

Billie has said that this song is about not wanting to feel responsible for someone else’s happiness.

The first verse is about being in a relationship where your partner wants to use you as an emotional crutch, they want you to feel responsible for making them happy or dealing with their sadness. This person doesn’t need someone to care about them – rather they just want you around so that it makes things easier for them. Billie says this is “their problem not my responsibility”. She’d rather have people think she’s cold and distant than be warm and caring but only because people expect her to be the latter.

It’s difficult when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t know how to love you back the same way – there are only so many times you can get hurt before your heart shuts down.

She later reveals that she’s “had to stop caring” because all her relationships have ended up just being unhealthy and they made her feel bad about herself so she decided to cut everyone out of her life.

The bridge is where Billie talk about how it feels having your heart broken by someone who doesn’t love you – the line “I’m not your lover, I’m not your friend” says a lot! It’s almost like she’s saying ‘I’m not your girlfriend but I don’t want us to be enemies either’. She’d rather distance herself from these kinds of people because it hurts too much when they leave. They might say things like “it’s nothing personal it’s just business” but she knows that this is just an excuse for them to be able to leave relationships easily.

The third verse is where Billie talks about how difficult it is to say goodbye – she doesn’t really remember ever having any problems saying goodbye before but now it seems like you never know who’s going to walk out the door next! She misses people when they’re gone and would prefer if goodbyes didn’t have to happen at all. Sometimes moving on can be difficult but her latest ex has taught her that closure isn’t worth chasing after because usually what happens is your mind convinces you closure exists even though it doesn’t. Rather than trying to justify things, Billie says goodbye and wishes them well which is probably the most mature and healthy thing to do.

The music video for Not My Responsibility which you can watch below, is set in the same location as Billie’s other big music videos such as when the party’s over and bury a friend. It also features the same cast/characters as those two videos too!

If you want to discuss the meaning of this song or suggest another theory, feel free to leave a comment using our comment system below! Thanks for reading!

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