Met Gala 2022 Food And Menu Explored

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The Met Gala is more than simply a fashion show; it’s also about innovation and craftsmanship, which is relevant to the theme “In America.” Did you know that Gilded Glamour influences the food served at the biggest fashion event? It was an intriguing menu in every way.

Marcus Samuelsson has brought together three outstanding female chefs from throughout the United States to showcase American cuisine’s diversity. Is your stomach grumbling yet? till you hear about what’s for dinner. Met Gala 2022 Food And Menu Explored.

Who Is Preparing The Food?

In 2022, the world will be able to sample three innovative chefs’ work: Amirah Kassem, Melissa King, and Lauren Von Der Pool. Amirah is recognized for her kaleidoscopic desserts, having her own bakeries in New York City and Los Angeles. You may recall her from Foodstatic as a judge.

Melissa is famous for her unique approach to melding Californian cuisine with traditional East and Southeast Asian spices. Foodies adore the chef’s signature sauces. She just released her King sauce, which is becoming a hit among foodies.

Von Der Pool, one of the world’s leading raw vegan chefs, will also contribute to this year’s Met Gala menu. She previously collaborated with former First Lady Michelle Obama on her childhood obesity prevention initiative Let’s Move.


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Met Gala 2022 Menu Explored

The Met Gala dinner will transport you to the Gilded Age with delicacies that have been carefully selected to match the theme. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are being handled by Von der Pool. “She made her own spin on the traditional deviled eggs, using Yukon potatoes rather than any animal products, according to Vogue,” says von der Pool.

The first course includes rice cakes topped with collard greens and cucumber salsa, truffled potato bites, and coconut ceviche. d’Oeuvre, in essence, tells a tale about the breadth of America. Meanwhile, King is in charge of the first dish. She’ll prepare a Fresh Hamachi drizzled with citrus oil, olive juice, and Sichuan pepper.

The presentation is intended to show that the “beautiful mix of vibrant cultures and ethnicities of immigrants that make up the DNA of America today.” tonight, dessert expert Amirah will wow celebrities with a delectable cupcake creation that is a homage to the evening’s attire code. Chocolate cake will be available on the dessert menu, which will also include chocolate or cappuccino mousse on top.

Met Gala 2022 Food

The gilded age is the 19th century to the mid-20th century period in American history when the United States went from being a developing nation to an industrial power. Met Gala’s theme, Gilded Glamour, refers to America’s Gilded Age. An Anthology of Fashion will focus on workers from the era and show how they influenced fashion design and dressmaking in the United States.

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