Who is Mathieu Cadault from Emily In Paris and who plays him?


Bonjour, Emily In Paris lovers! The highly anticipated series season 2 will premiere (Wednesday, 22 December) and the eagerly awaited show has just arrived on Netflix. Let’s learn more about Mathieu Cadault, the actor who portrays him, and the character himself.

Mathieu Cadault has resurfaced following the debut of Star’s new Netflix series, which was created by Darren Star. This has piqued viewers’ interest in finding out who the actor behind the character is and what his function may be in season 2. Who is Mathieu Cadault, and what role will he play in Emily In Paris season 2?

Who is Mathieu Cadault from Emily In Paris?

Pierre Cadault is a Parisian fashion designer. He was born in a wealthy family to parents who owned a car dealership in Paris. He spent the first thirteen years of his life there before moving to London with his uncle at the age of 13.

In season 2, Emily and Cadault aren’t shown to be intimate yet. The spark was certainly lacking – but who knows what lies ahead? Mathieu may very well appear in several episodes this season, as he has been around her a lot lately, so it’s possible that a relationship between them is on the horizon.

As we all know, he asked her to go on a trip to Saint-Tropez in the first season in order to break up her odd love triangle. He’s well-known for being a womanizer — but could Emily be won over by his gallant behavior?

Who plays Mathieu Cadault in Emily In Paris?

Charles Martins is the actor who plays Mathieu Cadault. He’s 52 years old and was born on November 3, 1969.

Donatienne Grizard is Martin’s agent, and she may be familiar to viewers from her previous work in hit shows such as I Love Monkey, Plus Belle La Vie, Virgin and Versailles. The actor also had an uncredited part in Sex And The City and has previously collaborated with Darren Star.

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