RIP Robbie Roper: ‘Unbelievable’ quarterback dies after reports of surgery

Following reports that star quarterback Robbie Roper had suffered complications after undergoing surgery, concerned fans sent him a condolence tweet. The tragic news was announced today that Robbie has died. After rumors that 2022 quarterback hopeful Robbie Roper was injured began to spread on Twitter, friends and fans of the player were left perplexed by tweets reading “praying” for him.

What happened to the promising athlete?

Tweet has fans concerned

Roper fans were praying for the player after University of Florida’s football coach, Rick Dennison, mentioned him on Tuesday night (21 December 2021). Since he has 33.2k followers, concern over Roper’s health soon circulated the internet.

Reports circulated claiming that Robbie had died, when in fact he was still alive. Despite these assertions, the reports were debunked by Robbie’s coach, Nick De La Torre of the Florida Gators. Robbie’s condition was “grave,” according to De La Torre, but he was still “fighting.”

Here are just a few of the tributes to Robbie on social media:

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Breanna Roper, the sister of Robbie, later confirmed that he was still “fighting hard” and thanked people for their prayers. Another Twitter user tweeted they had spoken to Robbie’s father and further reassured fans of his condition.

Unfortunately, Robbie’s personal Twitter account announced his death just as I was finishing the chapter. The Focus sends condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time.

What happened to Robbie Roper and reported surgery?

According to Distractify, Robbie Roper was admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) where he was said to be “fighting for his life.” Following his arrival at the ICU, Robbie received kind words from those who knew him. Unfortunately, according to WSBTV in Georgia, he had an adverse reaction to a medical treatment.

Fans send condolences on social media

Robbie’s friends are remembering him now that news of his death has become public, recalling the star athlete and promising future he had ahead of him as the rising sportsman was set to enroll in college football.

After it was reported that coach Billy Napier was seeking for a new quarterback, with Roper a potential option, the Florida Gators appeared to be on the verge of offering Roper an opportunity.

According to reports, Napier provided his contact information to the 18-year-old in order to pursue further talks. In his first game back, Robbie completed 36 of 55 passes for 450 yards and three touchdowns. Only two days ago (19 December), Robbie informed All Gators that several schools were interested in recruiting him, with Florida among them.

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