Lisa Beverley | Patrick Beverley’s Mother


Lisa Beverley is the proud mother of NBA star Patrick Beverley. She raised him in Chicago, Illinois and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Lisa has been a tremendous influence in Patrick’s life and a major supporter of his career since day one, often attending all of his games during his high school and college days. Despite the fact that she rarely speaks publicly about her son’s achievements, she remains his biggest cheerleader. Her son, Beverley is a three-time NBA All-Defensive Team member, known for his physicality.

Though she rarely speaks publicly about her son, Lisa Beverley’s supportive presence can be felt throughout Patrick’s career. Her unconditional love, guidance, and encouragement have no doubt been instrumental in his success. She is a mother to admire, who has raised an amazing individual despite all of the obstacles. Lisa Beverley is truly a beacon of strength and hope for aspiring parents everywhere.

Who Is Lisa Beverley?

Lisa Beverley has also worked hard to ensure that Patrick is taking care of himself and staying focused on his goals both on and off the court. She watches over him closely, offering advice when needed and making sure he stays grounded despite all the attention he receives from the media and fans alike.


It’s clear that Patrick Beverley owes much of his success to the love and support of his mother, Lisa Beverley. She has been and continues to be a big influence in her son’s life both on and off the court. Patrick’s commitment to his craft is a testament to the values that she instilled in him at a young age. Lisa Beverley continues to be an integral part of Patrick’s team behind the scenes and will always remain one of his biggest fans.

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Lisa Beverley’s Grand-Children

Lisa Beverley’s has blessed with two grand children named, Everett and Adlaia. Moreover, Lisa was single mother who raised his son Patrick Beverley, alone.

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