Who Is YouTuber Kendall Rae: Age and pregnancy news explored

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Kendall Rae, YouTuber and podcaster, is expecting her first child after revealing the news to her Instagram followers. Expecting her first kid, Rae and her spouse posed together in a series of photos showing their scan pictures.

Following the news, we’ve looked into Rae’s age, who her spouse is, and what’s new regarding her pregnancy.

Kendall Rae’s age explored

Kendall Rae, a YouTube star from Boston, began uploading films to the internet in 2012 and now has over 3 million followers.

Rae is perhaps best recognized for her real-life crime and murder mystery films, which she produces under the True Crime Investigation label. She’s 28 years old and was born on April 22nd, 1993, making her a Taurus.

Although she is expecting her first child, Rae also identifies herself as an “animal mother” who lives with ten animals including dogs, bunnies, and cats in Colorado. Higher Love Wellness is founded by Rae as a YouTuber and podcaster for The Mile Higher podcast and The Sesh.

In 2021, Rae and Josh Thomas launched their CBD oil brand after they started selling a variety of goods from oils to wax and gummies.

Kendall Rae’s husband

In 2011, Kendall Rae met Josh Thomas while they were both students at the University of Texas. They were engaged and married in 2016, and now they’re expecting their first kid in 2022.

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Similarly, Thomas, a 29-year-old digital creator who contributes to the Mile Higher podcast, is also an authority in his field. Thomas is also the host of the Lights Out podcast, which examines a range of macabre themes and the Planet Sleep podcast., which is described as “An immersive and relaxing sleep experience that incorporates music, soothing natural sounds, and tales.”

Rae and Thomas appear to be very adventurous; they’ve gone everywhere from Mexico, England, Hawaii, and Thailand.

Kendall Rae’s pregnancy announcement

Kendall Rae and her spouse Josh Thomas revealed their pregnancy news on Instagram and Twitter. Their expected birth date is August 2022, when they referred to their unborn kid as their ‘rainbow baby.’

On her YouTube channel, Rae stated that she and Josh are the first of their friends to become parents. She remarked, “It will be a tremendous learning experience, but I am eager to do so.”


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The news of Rae’s pregnancy was met with enthusiasm by her followers, many of whom congratulated the pair on their baby news.


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