Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now?


Robert Beckowitz, an American biker, was murdered by his best friend James Edward Glover in July 1982. The two men had been friends since high school and had bonded over their shared love of motorcycles. On the day of the murder, Beckowitz had told Glover that he was planning to leave town and never come back. Glover offered to take him for a ride on his motorcycle, and during the ride, he stabbed Beckowitz in the back with a screwdriver. He then pushed his body into a ditch and covered it with leaves. Glover later confessed to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison. This is a tragic story of friendship gone wrong. Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now?

Robert Beckowitz’s Girlfriend Jeannine Clark

Robert Beckowitz was watching The Benny Hill Show with his girlfriend Jeannine Clark in July 1982 when James Edward Glover, Robert’s friend, came up behind him and shot him in the back of the head with a 45 caliber bullet. He then tried to stab Robert 83 times. It is possible that Glover committed this crime because he was secretly having an affair with Jeannine.

Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now?

After the death of Robert Beckowitz, Jeannine Clark and James Glover were sentenced to jail. Jeannine Clark was given a six-year sentence for mutilating a corpse. For 2nd-degree murder and mutilation, James Glover pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison. Clark called the Detroit police department and reported what happened. Glover was charged with second-degree murder, felony use of a firearm, and mutilation of a corpse.

Glover was found fit to stand trial on all charges. Clark was originally not charged for her involvement in the crime, but she was arrested for violating her parole from a criminal conviction. However, after photo evidence of her smiling next to the victim’s body and mutilating the corpse was discovered, the district attorney decided to charge her with desecrating a body.

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Robert Beckowitz Murder Case Explained

Robert Beckowitz was watching the Benny Hill Show with his 37-year-old buddy James Edward Glover and his 21-year-old girlfriend Jeannine Lynn Clark in his apartment in the 19300 block of Woodbine in northwest Detroit on July 25, 1982.

Because of their affair, Glover and Clark were keeping a secret, which may have motivated his real purpose for the assassination. Because he had back issues and needed a walking stick to walk around, Glover excused himself from viewing the program in order to obtain one of Beckowitz’s guns.

Glover approached Beckowitz from behind and shot him in the head with a 45-caliber handgun, killing him before stabbing him 83 times. On July 20th, 1982, Glover and Clark took a photograph with Beckowitz’s body while cutting it up with a hacksaw borrowed from Glover’s parents. Clark called the cops on July 20th, 1982, and confessed to everything.

Glover was arrested after being found to be on drugs and heavily sedated. Clark claimed that Glover held her captive and she was held in custody for violating a bank robbery charge. A mental health evaluation determined that Glover was mentally competent to stand trial. He then pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, and using a firearm in the felony murder in exchange for a promise that he would not be sentenced to life in prison.

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