What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn: A Devastating Murder Full Story

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Daniel Felipe Petry was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1991. He has always been a rebellious and combative kid as long as he is provoked, and his reaction is violent. He was diagnosed with mental illness but stopped treatment time after time. His escape was television later the Internet.

His parents eventually gave up on him. He quit school and spent all day watching TV programs and listening to music. In 1995, Gabriel Kuhn was born in the same village as Harry Potter to a respectable family.

The boy is a smart student and is on the other side of Petrie. They are all neighbors, and although Petrie is four years older, they have some sort of friendship. They frequently converse, albeit Gabriel Kuhn’s parents have doubts about the neighbor’s disturbed son. What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn: A Devastating Murder Full Story.

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn?

One thing will alter Brazil’s criminal history on July 23, 2007. Together, Petry and Gabriel Kuhn, 16, play Tibia online. The issue first came to public attention at some point. According to Petrie, the boy cheated when playing games.

Petri was furious and went to the neighbor’s house. Gabriel’s parents are not there, his brother is gone and the boy is alone. Confident, he opened the door for Petri, knocking him down as soon as he walked through the door and started hitting him.

Gabriel Kuhn tried to defend himself, but failed. Then Petrie took him into the bedroom and raped him on the bed.

The boy screamed and cried, but this only made Petri more cruel. The sheets on the boy’s bed were stained with blood. Gabriel Kuhn threatened to report him and told his parents everything. Then Petri, frantic, decided to kill him.

A Devastating Murder Full Story

Gabriel Kuhn took a wire and wrapped it around the boy’s neck. He kept squeezing until the boy passed out. Then he had another idea. He went to the garage of the house and took out a hacksaw. He returned with the child and began to cut it up.

Gabriel Khun regained consciousness and began to scream in pain. Petri kept cutting. He cut off his left leg. Gabriel stopped screaming: he was in shock from the bleeding. Petri took the hacksaw and decided to continue.

He was so fierce that he cut off his right leg. The autopsy revealed that Gabriel was alive when his legs were cut off; shortly after, he died of pain and excessive blood loss.

The body of his wife, Gabrielle, was initially concealed in the hatch of the home by Petrie. To conceal it, he took more cables and attempted to hang it. But he didn’t succeed because Gabriel was too heavy.

He next threw her at the door of the home. Shortly after, his brother showed up and discovered the body on the doorstep. He scared her into thinking she would run onto the road by shouting that she was about to do so.

A neighbor observed him and phoned the cops immediately. The police quickly found Petrie: Gabriel’s computer showed the battle that had just occurred earlier. They immediately arrested him in his own home. After the autopsy results came out, Petrie agreed to kill the boy alive, but refused to admit to the rape, claiming that he was not gay.

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