Inbred Family, The Whitakers: What We Know

The Whitaker family inbreeding tale is highly unusual. Their Wikipedia and account have previously been addressed here. The Whitaker family is the most well-known inbred household in the United States. Genetically and biologically, all of the members are closely related to one another. From here, learn about Whitaker’s family tree and Inbred history.

The Whitaker family has a long and documented history of inbreeding. Their story has been extensively covered by the media, and they even have their own Wikipedia page. All members of the Whitaker family are biologically and genetically related to one another. This is a result of years of inbreeding within the family. Inbred Family, The Whitakers: What We Know.

The Whitaker family tree can be traced back many generations. In fact, the first documented case of inbreeding within the family occurred in the 1800s.

At that time, there were only six people in the entire family. As time passed, more and more members of the Whitaker family began to marry each other. This led to an increase in genetic defects and health problems among the members of the family.

Know The Whitaker Family Inbred Story

A short documentary about the Whitaker family inbreeding case was released last year. On July 4, 2020, a channel named Soft White Underbelly shared a video depicting the story. Mark Latia, the author of Created Equal, photographed the family in 2004 for his book.

The video was for his pet project and was shared by Latia. The 60-year-old photographer interviews drug addicts, abuse victims, and odd individuals from all around the world for his documentary. The name of the film is “Inbred Family: The Whitakers.”

Until today, the movie with the inbred family from Odd west, Virginia has over 19 million views and 250 thousand likes. While 12 thousand people have disliked the clip featuring a British family that includes elderly members. A British family featured in the video lived in a small town in Appalachia.

The Whitakers Family Wikipedia

The Whitaker family has yet to be introduced on Wikipedia. The estranged family is unlike regular individuals in many ways.

They are inbreds, which means that they come from families who are closely linked. According to research, this usually results in a population’s biological fitness declining at least temporarily.

However, the family is in total disarray. They just waste their day doing nothing. To help and raise money for the Whittakers, Mark Latia has established a GoFund Me account.

How Are Whitaker Family Related?

Three siblings and a cousin live in a modest home with numerous dogs in the Whitaker Household. The people have names; Ray, Lorraine, Timmy, Freddie, and an unnamed sister.

There are several more individuals who haven’t been mentioned. Ray is the only living son who appears in a discussion with Latia.

Are They Dead Or Alive?

Several members of the Whitaker family have already passed away. Their parents died a long time ago.

At the same time, no one knows how they are connected to each other. Ray also informed us that his brother Freddie had a heart attack and died several years ago, as he did before.

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