Who is Jeanne Goursaud from Barbarians? Meet the actress of Netflix’s Thusnelda!


Jeanne Goursaud, the actress of Thusnelda in the Netflix series Barbarians, is a topic of interest for fans. The series is based on a real-life war in which Germanic tribes fought to prevent the Roman Empire from expanding. Barbarians, a new Netflix drop, is now available. It will be accessible to US viewers at midnight tonight.

The first series of the program has six episodes and is called Barbarians. The show is actually a German drama, which was filmed in German and has automatic English subtitles for Netflix subscribers in other regions. Budapest was the scene of Barbarians, and the cast released trailers on set with the place visible.

Who is Jeanne Goursaud from Barbarians?

Thusnelda is a 24-year-old actress who plays the role of Thusnelda in Barbarians. She’s from Pinneburg, Germany, and currently resides in Berlin, as evidenced by her frequent Instagram posts that include there. Jeanne, with 17k followers, is a frequent social media consumer and uses the handle @jeannegoursaud to post on platforms like Instagram.

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Jeanne Goursaud has acted in a variety of significant movies, apart from Barbarian. She appeared in 2018’s The 15:17 To Paris and 2017’s Train 93, which was directed by Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and is about an attempted terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train.

She collaborated on the recent German comedy sketch show Bullyparade: The Movie. It’s a film adaptation of a well-known German comedy sketch show.

On Instagram, Jeanne is an advocate for what she believes in, frequently uploading pictures calling for change with passionate hashtags. She’s outspoken on climate change, racism, and asylum policy issues.

Her character Thusnelda

During his invasion of Germany, a Roman general abducted a Germanic noblewoman and modeled The Barbarians’ Jeanne Goursaud character after her.

She is said to have been seen on the triumphant march of Germans who successfully repelled the Roman invasion of their land after they had defeated them.

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