Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder are cousins: Documentary’s surprise

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Janet Jackson’s self-titled four-part documentary aired on January 28, 2022, chronicling the singer’s career and personal life as well as what it was like to live in the shadow of her famous older brother. Among the revelations in this intimate series, youngest Jackson sibling notorious for keeping her private life private revealed she is related to soul legend Stevie Wonder.

The effectiveness of the “Control” music video in promoting T-Mobile’s campaign is yet another indication that Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder are at the top of their game when it comes to American pop music. Despite being linked to her illustrious siblings, each star has carved out a persona for oneself that is distinct from the other, making the revelation they are related all the more surprising.

Janet Jackson goes in-depth in new documentary

Janet Jackson is executive producing a documentary about her life, which has been in the works for more than five years. Following her to press events and concerts, camera teams gained unique access to the singer, who discusses issues such as her rocky relationships with brother Michael and father Joe. She also talks about more intimate family conflicts, particularly her difficult connections with brother Michael and father Joe.

“Even though Janet has always been a very private individual, she has long desired to tell her story.” A source at People magazine concurred: “Janet has wanted to tell her story for some time.”

The career of the 55-year-old began when she was nine years old, when she acted in sitcoms and signed a music contract at the age of 16, all encouraged by her father. According to the film, Michael’s actions threatened her career on numerous occasions.

The film will include unseen footage of the artist and intimate interviews with members of the Jackson family. Janet and Randy return to the Indiana home they grew up in, evoking memories between them as they talk about their youth.


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Yes, Stevie Wonder is Janet Jackson’s cousin

Janet and Stevie Wonder were raised in the same neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, but there is no conclusive evidence of a blood relationship between them. The documentary reveals that both artists were born in the limelight and have interacted on numerous occasions. Janet famously presented Wonder with his Hall of Fame accolade in 2008.

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It was recently revealed that Janet and Wanda are biological siblings, yet neither the Jacksons nor Wonder had provided an explanation for the connection. However, in a 2018 interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Janet revealed that there were hereditat

The Jackson/Wonder family tree explained

Stevie has a third cousin, Thomas, who is also known as “Teddy.” Thomas’ wife, Junia “Jewell,” is one of Stevie’s third-greatest cousins. On their mother’s side, the Jackson siblings are related to John Edward III through his grandmother Mary Elizabeth Shaffer.

It’s still unclear whether Stevie is a member of the family through his mother or father.


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