Isabella Guzman: Killed her mother by attacking her face with a knife 79 times

In 2013, Isabella Guzman came into limelight after appearing in court on charges of murdering her mother. According to the information, she had stabbed her mother 79 times with a knife. Her trial was closely followed by the media and public who were both horrified and amazed by the brutal details of the crime.

As the trial unfolded, it was revealed that Isabella had a history of mental illness, with previous incidents of self-harm and erratic behavior. Psychiatric tests showed that she have been suffering from schizophrenia, which could explain the voices she claimed to hear.

Many youngsters spend their childhoods in despair and have poor relationships with their parents for a variety of reasons. Children therefore stray from the straight road and act in ways that are unimaginable to everyone. Know the full story of Isabella Guzman.

Who Is Isabella Guzman?

Isabella Guzman, who is popular on TikTok came into limelight after appearing in the court on charges of murdering her mother. She has many fans on Tiktok who like Isabel’s looks very much. In 2013, Isabella Guzman of Colorado had killed her mother by stabbing her face with a knife 79 times at her home. She was 18 years old at that time.

Isabella Guzman’s Childhood Was Different

Isabella Guzman was not like other children in her area. She never wanted to smile or play or spend time with her parents. It is said that she hated her mother very much. According to the information, Isabella’s parents were very poor and could not give many things to Isabella due to which there were often disputes at home, but her parents hoped that as she grew up, she would understand this.

isabella-guzman (2)

Will had a better understanding of why money was an issue for them but Isabella began to hate her parents even more, especially after the divorce.

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Hatred Towards Mother Increased After Seeing Stepfather

After leaving her father’s house, Isabella was living with her mother and their relationship had not improved. The relationship took a turn for the worse when her mother Yoon Mi Hoy brought her boyfriend Richard home.

Isabella never adopted Richard. Things started to escalate when Isabella started threatening to kill her mother, saying that she (Isabella’s mother) would have to suffer for the way she had been treated. Isabella’s mother complained to the police after this happened several times.

Killed Her Mother Brutually

One night Richard allegedly took Isabella to the garden to talk to her about her behavior and after which Richard thought everything would be fine but the next day, while watching TV, Richard jumped from the top floor.

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Loud sounds of partner screaming started coming. After which he went upstairs and tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked from inside. After breaking the door, it was revealed that Isabella had killed her mother by brutally stabbing her 79 times.

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Sent To Mental Asylum

Isabella was suffering from schizophrenia, a serious mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. He told investigators that the voices in his head were controlling her. The 18-year-old said that she felt that her mother was a woman named Cecelia who needed to be killed to save the world. Judge accepted the insanity plea and Guzman was sent to the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo. Seven years later in the year 2020, Isabella started claiming that she has fully recovered and is ready to be a part of the general society.

She told CBS4 that her mental condition has recovered. She said,

“I was not myself when I did this but now I have completely recovered.”

She also said that if she could change it or fix everything, she would definitely do so. The court has not accepted any appeal for Isabella Guzman’s release.

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