Where Is Donna Goudeau Now? Viral Arrest Video

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Donna Goudeau became an internet sensation after her appearance on a viral video in 2011, which showed her being arrested for a crime. Since then, there have been reports of her whereabouts, but they have been inconclusive. In 2014, Donna’s arrest video went viral reaching thousands of views on popular social media platforms. The video showed her being arrested for protesting against police brutality. Her arrest was captured on camera, and the footage quickly went viral on social media platforms. As she spoke to the press, her powerful and thought-provoking statements resonated with viewers, leading to widespread sharing and discussion online.

Why Donna Goudeau Get Arrested?

Donna Goudeau did a robbery with two men named, Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau. They robbed an older man in Driftwood Inn. Her arrest video is famous as a legally blind girl. During the arrest, Donna made some remarks about her situation. Her comments were seen as a rallying cry for justice and sparked a wave of support. Her story inspired many people and she became a symbol of hope and resilience for those facing similar legal and social issues. She stated,

“All I know is my side of the story; I can’t tell no other story; I’m innocent, hey mama, I love you, P.O.P. hold it down, Pimp Squad baby, for life. They are saying I drove the getaway car, but I cannot see; I’m legally blind, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I’m a female. Hey, I got something else to say; come to the other side. My name is Goudeau, I’m not no Goudeau”

Donna Goudeau Profile

Real NameDonna Goudeau
Known ForViral arrest video and quotes
Sentenced In2011
Release DateJuly 19, 2029
Prison NameDr Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas

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When Is Donna Goudeau Releasing From Prison?

Donna Goudeau is releasing from jail on July 19, 2029. She is currently serving in prison Dr Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas. She was arrested in 2011. She arrested in the charge of aggravated robbery. She is serving 18 years in prison.

When Donna got arrested, she was 28 years old and was sentenced to a prison term of 60 years. Her statements earned her widespread recognition, and she quickly became a household name.


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