How to do TikTok’s viral #15 minute test: explained

With Halloween over, TikTok trends have taken a different course in November, with users taking a ’15 minutes 4 me’ mental health test and sharing their unique results.

TikTok is always full of strange fads, undignified dancing, and amusing material, but now it appears that users are attempting to raise awareness and start a more constructive discussion about mental health difficulties. The topic of mental health has advanced ten-fold in recent years, with sufferers now able to be far more open about their issues and the general public’s understanding of the subject improving at an incredible rate.

What Is #15 Minute Test?

Another reason for the increase may be attributed to the growth of social media. While many people associate social media with mental health issues, especially considering the rise in cyberbullying and exposure to so much new information online, it has also encouraged individuals to talk about these topics more than ever before, normalizing mental health problems and allowing individuals to seek help.

TikTok is not alone in this regard; content creators there share personal information with their followers and invite conversation, as evidenced by the recent #15minutes4me challenge gaining a large following on the site.

However, you won’t be able to complete the 15-minute test on TikTok itself. Here’s what you have to do in order to take the test and share it with your friends and followers on TikTok.

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How To Do TikTok’s Viral 15 Minute Test?

  • Click ‘Free Test’.
  • Answer 26 questions that ask about how you may or may not have felt in the past week, with multiple options for you to select what most accurately describes your feelings.
  • You’ll be provided three scales, like the screenshot below, showing roughly how much you’re experiencing depression, anxiety and stress.
  • If you wish to share it on TikTok, simply grab your own screenshot and post it on the app.
  • That’s all there is to it. It’s worth noting that this is not an official diagnosis of any mental health issues, and should not be treated as a substitute for seeing a physician, especially if you have any of the above concerns.

#15minutes4me On TikTok

The #15minutes4me hashtag on TikTok has already gained over 1.2 million views, with individuals providing their success stories and discussing with one another about how to assist one other.

If you believe you’re experiencing any mental health issues, please talk to someone—whether it’s a friend, partner, family or physician—but this test may be a great place to start in order to better communicate how you’re feeling to people who don’t understand.

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