Who is Bessy Gatto? Age and net worth of Joe Gatto’s wife explored

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In a video uploaded to TikTok shortly after her estranged husband, comedian Joe Gatto, revealed he was leaving his long-running reality show, Impractical Jokers, and that the two were divorcing, Bessy Gatto said she was “broken.”

She utilized a TikTok intro from user brinakaymusic that said, “What’s that malfunctioning thing in your home that everyone just accepts and tolerate?” In the original video, it was a broken light switch; however, Bessy cut to a clip of herself cuddled up with one of her dogs and appearing dejected. She indicated that she was the “broken item” in her family by raising her hand.

In the January 2, 2022, TikTok video, Bessy was makeup-free and wore a hoodie over her head to hide her locks. She disabled the comments section of her post, so she was unable to see any fan responses regarding the sadness she was feeling due to her circumstances.

Who is Bessy Gatto?

Bessy Gatto is a dog lover and serves on the organization’s committee. She also sits on the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs committee. She’s also on Instagram (link; 109K followers) and TikTok (link; 9.6K followers), where she has addressed – directly and indirectly – her and Joe’s separation on both platforms.

What has she said about her and Joe’s separation on social media?

She stated on Instagram five days ago that she and Joe had “agreed to split.” However, she reassured those concerned that they “will still be able to assist animals and rescue dogs, which is something we are both passionate about!”

She edited the video of her raising her hand while cuddling her dog on TikTok two days later, altering a comment by another user: “What’s that broken thing in your house that everyone accepts and lives with?” She added, “That’s my favorite.” Bessy and Joe Gatto are still married as of April 2019, and neither has made any statements about divorce proceedings.

What is the age of Joe Gatto’s wife Bessy?

Bessy Gatto’s birthday is listed on several notable birthdays lists, with her age being estimated to be 39 years old as of January 2022.

This year, Bessy will turn 40. Joe Gatto, on the other hand, is 45 years old; his birthday is June 5, 1976, making him 46 two months later than Bessy’s. The age gap between them is just under six years. Joe and Bessy Gatto married in 2013, and have a daughter named Milana Francis (born 2015) and a son named Remington Joseph (born 2017).

Bessy and Joe Gatto’s net worths explored

Joe Gatto’s net worth, according to The Sun, is about $20 million. He has been in and produced several other shows since his appearance on Impractical Jokers for a decade. Because Bessy Getto is not a well-known individual, her net worth is unknown.

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However, if they get married under a community property system and subsequently divorce, it might be feasible to estimate at least a portion of Bessy’s net worth in a few months’ time. Bessy has two credits on IMDB, both as “self”: one for a part in Impractical Jokers in 2015 and another for a part in Jokers Wild the previous year.

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