How old and tall is Liana Jade? YouTuber announces pregnancy

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Connor Darlington and Liana Jade are one of YouTube’s most popular couples, and the news has fans talking about Liana Jade’s age. Connor Darlington and Liana Jade are one of YouTube’ s most beloved couples. By sharing their relationship and day-to-day experiences with their followers, the celebrities have built a large fan following.

The couple’s devotion has been there from the beginning, and that hasn’t changed. Their fans are well aware that the two aren’t afraid to record almost anything about their lives. They did just that in their video on YouTube posted on December 14th.

How Old Is Liana Jade?

Liana Jade’s fans may or may not be aware that she is 22 years old, as her biography on Instagram and TikTok indicates. The Welsh creator is a well-known social media celebrity with over 700,000 YouTube subscribers and over six million TikTok followers.

She is recognized for her cheerful and witty personality. Liana, on the other hand, creates unusual and audacious make-up tutorials in addition to revealing intimate details regarding her relationship with her partner.

How tall is Liana Jade?

Liana Jade stands at a height of 5 feet 7 Inches tall. She weighs around 58 Kg. Her body measurements are 36-26-42 inches. Her bra cup size is 34 BB.

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YouTuber Announces Pregnancy With BF Connor Darlington

On December 14, Liana and Connor posted a video to their YouTube channel titled “WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!” The two revealed that the pregnancy was unplanned. The couple also stated that they are glad and anticipate the birth of their child.

“It wasn’t planned but it wasn’t a mistake,” Liana said, to which Connor added, “definitely not a mistake.”

Liana and Connor informed the camera that Liana had been off her birth control for a while. “We thought the chances of conceiving were low,” Connor added. For the past month, Liana has complained of feeling unwell. The star also showed us some of the video she shot when she learned she was expecting.

The Youtuber revealed another video documenting her confession to Connor that she was expecting.

Fans React To Liana Jade’s Pregnancy

Liana’s pregnancy was announced with tremendous enthusiasm by her followers. Many of them congratulated the pair on their TikTok and YouTube video, which had over a million views.

One wrote, “I remember you saying what you wanted for Christmas and it came trrrruuueee.”

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