Memes flood Twitter as Brits react to two-week January lockdown rumours

There have been claims that the UK may go into lockdown once again to combat the Omicron variant’s rapid spread. There’s no word yet, but reports say government officials are drawing up strategies for a two-week post-Christmas lockdown.

According to The Times, the ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown would prohibit meeting indoors other than for work purposes, and bars and restaurants would be limited to outdoors operation. #Lockdown trended on Twitter following the report, with users mocking the prospect of a lockdown.

Lockdown Rumours Memes flood Twitter

Here’s a list of all the most precise ones…

Sorry, I will not be participating in the lockdown.

When you see #lockdown trending on Twitter.

Hate that bird app sometimes.

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Another lockdown? Really?

Do the lockdown rules apply for everyone then?

Can’t believe this is actually happening.

The government right now.

If Omicron was a meme.

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