Too Hot to Handle season 3: Is Pleasure Island a real show?


Too Hot to Handle season 3 has officially dropped, and people are tuning in to see if the new cast of sex-obsessed singles will be able to abstain from sexual contact and win the $200,000 prize fund at the end of the show.

If you haven’t seen the reality show, Too Hot to Handle, it revolves around ten individuals who are all used to having meaningless relationships. When the players join the series, though, they quickly learn the game’s rules and let’s just say they aren’t a fan of them.

Season 3’s contestants enter the program believing it’s a typical dating show called Pleasure Island, where they may flirt, kiss, and engage in sexual activities with one another. However, when a cone-shaped electrical gadget named Lana appears, the players realize that they’re on Too Hot to Handle rather than Pleasure Island.

Is Pleasure Island a real show, or is it only for Too Hot to Handle season 3? We’ll clear up this burning issue right below.

Is Pleasure Island a real show from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Pleasure Island is not a real show. In previous seasons of Too Hot to Handle, the contestants were misled into believing that they were on a dating program. For 12 hours, they are allowed to mingle and do whatever they want with one another until the sex ban takes effect. The phony reality show known as Pleasure Island was introduced in season 3.

There is no such thing as Pleasure Island in real life. There is, however, a reality dating program named Temptation Island that is currently broadcast on USA Network. So there you have it, folks! Pleasure Island is only a figment of your imagination.

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