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Good Girls is story about three suburban moms orchestrate a local grocery store heist to escape financial ruin and establish independence together. It is series which is about belongs to genre TV Comedies. The show is created by Jenna Bans.

Will Good Girls have a season 4?

Good Girls Synopsis : Mae Whitman is still processing her grief following the cancellation of Good Girls. We reported late Friday that NBC had pulled the plug on crime dramedy , after it had aired for four seasons.


Good Girls Episodes

Good Girls Season 1 has consists of total nine episodes. Check below the list of all episodes names and synopsis.

  1. Pilot – As Beth, Ruby and Annie face personal and financial crises, they decide to team up and take back their lives by robbing their local grocery store.
  2. Mo Money Mo Problems – Beth and Annie reveal a major change of plans to Ruby as one dangerous rival’s threats redefine the rules of the heist.
  3. Borderline – The ladies acquire a getaway car and hit the road for a mysterious mission. Annie and Sadie prepare for a crucial meeting.
  4. Atom Bomb – Beth finds a shocking surprise in her daughter’s room, Ruby deals with a difficult customer at work, and Annie helps Sadie with a heartbreaking issue.
  5. Taking Care of Business – After an unexpected visitor drops by, Beth encourages the group to rethink their new deal. Annie makes an impulsive decision and a critical mistake.
  6. A View from the Top – Ruby, Beth and Annie look to expand their lucrative business. Dean and Stan stumble upon new information and grow increasingly suspicious.
  7. Special Sauce – As new money rolls in, the ladies indulge in some of life’s finer things, but a rogue associate threatens to dismantle the entire operation.
  8. Shutdown – When Rio freezes all activity, Beth, Ruby and Annie return to their day jobs and orchestrate an unorthodox plan for quick cash.
  9. Summer of the Shark – The ladies contemplate Eddy’s fate, Ruby and Stan receive life-changing news, and Rio offers a new assignment with puzzling consequences.
  10. Remix – All bets are off as Beth, Ruby and Annie work to outwit Rio and restore independence before time runs out on one final heist.

Good Girls Season 4 Cast

Below is the full cast list of TV series Good Girls Season 4 :

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