Gary Muehlberger Died From Fire: What Happened To Him?


Gary Muehlberger was a former member of Life Below Zero on National Geography who has recently passed away and was one of the seven individuals to gain attention from the program.

Read the full details below to find out why he died. From his death until his success as well as his net worth, we’ve covered it all in this obituary. So stay connected with us till the end of this obituary.

What Happened To Gary Muehlberger Port Protection?

Gary Muehlberger was also a co-founder of the Life Below Zero spinoff Port Protection, in which he was widely revered by fans. He was a legend in his rural community who led a decent life.

Gary Muehlberger’s death was verified by Life Below Zero, which explains why there have been so many questions about his death and the report stated that a fire erupted in his house in Port Protection. So, in the spin-off of Life Below Zero, Gary Muehlberger’s death was caused by a fire that consumed his home.

Gary Muehlberger Net Worth

It is estimated that his net worth is around $150,000, having been the famous face and revered leader in Port Protection, a derivative of Life Below Zero.

According to the stories, his most significant source of revenue was the Port Protection show, which paid its members a competitive wage. His actual and official net worth, however, has never been detailed by any individual close to him.

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What Happened To Him?

According to various reports and facts given by witnesses, the deadly scenario occurred as a result of a severe fire. On March 17th, Alaska State Troopers were notified about the situation at Port Protection, in which Gary Muehlberger’s house was surrounded by a fierce fire and at the end, all remaining ash.

Although no one saw him after the incident, it was assumed that he was inside the house at the time of the fire and perished in a house accident fire. Gary Muehlberger may not have been seen again following the incident, according to reports. After the accident, Gary Muehlberger’s home was investigated, and human ashes were discovered among the rubble, indicating that Gary Muehlberger had died. Our editor will provide further information as soon as we receive official confirmation.

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