Who is the wife of Eduin from Grupo Firme? Meet TikToker Daisy Anahy

In 2014, Mexican musical group Grupo Firme was founded by Eduin Cazares and Joaquín Ruiz in Tijuana. The band had a successful year in 2021, but who is Daisy Anahy, the co-founder of Grupo Firme, and what does she do?

Who is Grupo Firme co-founder Eduin Cazares’ wife?

Daisy Anahy is a TikTok celebrity who creates online content. She has 1.3 million followers, and her videos have over 5 million likes as of this writing.

He also has 2 million Instagram followers, where he regularly shares photos of his family. With images from the rest of Grupo Firme, Eduin occasionally publishes photographs of his wife Daisy — and their two children – with his Instagram fans on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Daisy shared an Instagram story today of Eduin in a hospital bed, with the caption “Primeramente Dios todo va a salir bien.” The phrase “First of all, God, everything will be OK” was used (translated by Google).

She has 78,000 followers on Instagram. Since she was introduced to the social media platform in 2014, her following has grown steadily. She’s a mother of two and lives with her family in California.

When did Eduin Cazares and Daisy Anahy marry, and who are their kids?

The family appears to have one son and one daughter. In the summer of 2020, Anahy gave birth to their daughter Dhasia Geraldine – she already has a fan account on Instagram.

So, under the hypothesis that he was born in 2021 and is six years old at the start of The Dark Tower (which may be taken to imply late 2020), we can infer that he is one year old in 2021.

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The pair married in 2015. Anahy’s birth date is September 27, 1993, making her 28 years old. Eduin Cazares, who was born in 1994, is a year younger than his wife.

Who are Grupo Firme?

Grupo Firm is a rock band from Tijuana, Baja California in Mexico. In 2014, Eduin Cazares (lead vocalist) and Joaquin Ruiz (bassist) started the group.

As of 2021, their fellow band members are Abraham Hernández (vocalist), Johnny Cazares (Eduin’s brother and fellow vocalist), Christian Téllez (also a bassist), Fito Rubio (drums) and Dylan Camacho (accordionist).

In an interview with Bandamax in 2020, Eduin said the group’s recent successes have been “sudden” but “magical”.

“It was a miracle. We’re taking advantage of it, but we’ve already been fighting for eleven years and breaking rocks and enduring rejections and humiliations” (according to Google).

The Staples Centre concert series is “historic,” according to Billboard. They played seven shows at the Los Angeles venue, which was packed to capacity, making them the “first Latin artist[s] to perform the most concerts in a single year at Staples.”


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