Did Jason Momoa cheat on Lisa Bonet?

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The news that actor Jason Momoa had split with his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, shocked fans worldwide. The pair married four years ago and have two children together.

“We set each other free – to be who we are learning to become,” said the actor in a joint statement on Instagram, where he also revealed their divorce.

While devastated fans are sending their support and love for the actor couple on social media, many others are busy guessing at the true cause of their breakup.


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Did Jason Momoa Cheat?

No, there’s no evidence that Jason Momoa cheated on his wife, Lisa. In a series of posts on Instagram, he stated that their love continues and that they are releasing each other to be who they’re learning to become.

It seems like the pair have grown apart during the epidemic, as he wrote: “We’ve all been through the squeeze and transformation that these transformative eras bring… a revolution is under way, and our family isn’t exempt… adjusting to and learning from the seismic changes.”

Bizarre Curfew Claims Debunked

The nonsensical rumor that Lisa imposed a curfew on Jason to keep him away from women originates from a strange story about how she allegedly gave him one. According to MEAWW, reports indicated that the false claims originated from an unknown source who claimed that Jason was required to be at home by a certain hour.

This is not correct, and according to sources, the pair had no marital issues. It’s no secret that the Aquaman actor attracts a lot of ladies, but any allegations of adultery are false.

Amber Heard Rumours Swirl

In the film, fans believe that Chris Pratt and Amber Heard had a romantic relationship. This isn’t true, though. In Aquaman, they exhibited on-screen chemistry as well as undeniable ficitonal chemistry, but they were not an item in real life.

According to People, they were said to be extremely flirty on set and that his wife, Lisa, was jealous. These unverified assertions, however, were never confirmed and Jason and Lisa appeared more happy than ever before.

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