David Cardenas And How Did He Die: Fowler County Mayor Obituary

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At 67, Mayor David Cardenas of Fowler County, California, died of cancer, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and assistance. David Cardenas was the mayor of Fowler County, California for 12 years before serving on the city council for 21 years as revealed by The Fresno Bee.

Cardenas was a popular figure in the community who was well-liked for his good and helpful disposition. He went out of his way on numerous occasions, whether it be legal assistance or any kind of casual help, to assist his community.

When such a wonderful person as David passed away recently, the city and its people were devastated. David Cardenas And How Did He Die: Fowler County Mayor Obituary.

Who Was David Cardenas? Wikipedia Bio

Mayor Cardenas of Fowler County, California, was in office for the previous 12 years. He migrated to Fowler at the age of 14 and blended in with the locals immediately. His father organized the relocation to the United States so he could provide his children a better life.

Cardenas grew up in a nearby neighborhood, which meant he was personally involved with the people there.

He was affiliated with almost all of the community’s organizations and worked closely with the people on the ground. His daughter recalled that David was a wonderful person to her family as a whole.

How Old Was David Cardenas?

At the age of 67, David Cardenas was shot to death. He was born in Mexico in 1954 or 1955.

His date of birth is unknown. While David spent most of his youth in his native country, he grew up as a young man in Fowler while going through high school there.

What Was David Cardenas Cause Of Death?

As David Cardenas, the Mayor of Fowler, was sitting down for supper with his family, he collapsed suddenly and died from a heart attack.

He was unable to recover from the heart failure and ultimately passed away. It is thought that the guy was rushed to the hospital but before the doctors could do anything, he took his last breath.

His death has brought great sadness to his family and friends, as well as the rest of the community.

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Who Is David Cardenas Wife? Family Details

David Cardenas was survived by his wife, Anna, and their three children. For the majority of their existence, David and Anna have been together in each other’s presence.

He has three kids: Joseph David, Josephine, and Michael Cardenas. Additionally to them, David is the proud papa of two grandsons and three granddaughters.

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