TikTok’s Viral Euphoria Eye Trend: Explained

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Since the debut of season two, Euphoria has dominated the internet. However, it’s not only the show’s dramatic storyline that is gaining traction on social media. Fans are going viral on TikTok by utilizing a filter inspired by HBO’s series to showcase meticulous close-up views of their eyes. Learn how to take the trend for yourself and improve on your insane short-form video abilities as we look at amazing videos, instructions, and more.

TikTok’s Viral Euphoria Eye Trend

Aside from a thrilling storyline, an amazing soundtrack, a star-studded cast, and much more, Euphoria also has a fantastic TikTok filter based on the show.

As creators utilize the Euphoria-themed lens to accentuate the details in and around their eyes, a blue and purple-tinted camera filter is currently popular on TikTok.

TikTokers have set off another Euphoria craze on social media by zooming into their own eyes and seamlessly shifting to match the song’s tempo.

An online content producer known as @jazzthornton_ tried out the trend and obtained over eight million views, as well as more than 950k likes and a discussion area full of compliments, using it.

In the caption, the viral user claimed that the fad has made her appreciate her own eyes.


How To Complete The Popular Trend

Create your own version of the viral trend by choosing the TikTok sound “Feel Something” by artist Bea Miller and upload it on the app by Valcarpintero. Set the sound to nine seconds and make sure your camera is in a selfie mode before beginning.

Hit record and slowly zoom in on your selected eye using small, steady movements. When you hear the word “again,” close your eyes, and your recording should pause.

Now turn on the Euphoria effect and switch to the back camera. Face a mirror so you can see where you’re filming and zoom in on that eye instead of the one you just used.

A lamp and a directed beam of light to your eye might help make the small elements in your eyes stand out. (Avoid looking at the bright light for too long since it might harm your eyes.)

Keeping the lamp to your left, cast a shadow on the figure and focus your attention on the camera lens.

Begin by closing your eye and creating a smooth transition from shot to shot. When the audio begins, open your eyes and observe how the highlights come alive!


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