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Curtis Reeves, 79, was cleared of second-degree murder and aggravated assault after a jury found him not guilty. In 2014, Chad Oulson, 42, a married father of three, was shot dead in an argument over a text message he had sent to his daughter’s babysitter during the movie previews.

Reeves expressed sorrow for the shooting, stating, “It was a tragic day for everyone.” The case was shelved for eight years while Reeves attempted to have the charges dismissed under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ laws. Oulson is seen tossing popcorn at Reeves in footage from within the theater.

No one witnessed the father threatening the former officer. The verdict was received by the Oulson family, who were in tears. On Saturday, Reeves will be attending his daughter’s wedding. Curtis Reeves Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family.

Curtis Reeves Height & Weight

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Curtis Reeves Information

A retired Tampa police captain who gunned down a 43-year-old father after confronting the man over texting in a movie theater was cleared of second-degree murder and aggravated battery charges Friday night.

A jury declined to convict Curtis Reeves, 79, who in 2014 fatally shot Chad Oulson, 43, during the argument over the dad messaging his babysitter on his phone during the movie previews.

Reeves sat impassively as the verdicts were returned, and hugged his lawyer after he was officially cleared on all counts.

The disagreement escalated and Oulson threw his popcorn at Reeves who shot him in the chest inside the Grove 16 movie theater in Wesley Chapel, a suburb of Tampa.

After the jury decision on Friday, Reeves smiled and joked with the press as he stopped for interviews outside the courthouse.

He also expressed regret for killing Oulson.

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Curtis Reeves Family

‘It was a sad day for everybody on both sides,’ he said. ‘It never should have happened. I never wanted it to happen.’

Nicole Oulson, the victim’s wife, who was also shot in the finger but survived, wept after the jury’s verdict.

Her stunned family slowly left the Dade County courthouse in the dark and hugged in the parking lot.

‘I don’t understand. I don’t understand’ family members said as they wept and hugged in the parking lot outside the courthouse.

Reeves, who claimed that he feared that Oulson would ‘beat the crap out’ of him, said he was glad his eight-year ordeal was over.

‘It was trying, not just for me, but for my family,’ he said. ‘It was a tough time for all of us with the restrictions and all the things that went on over the years. It was very difficult to deal with.’

But Reeves has something to look forward to on Saturday.

‘I’m going to my daughter’s wedding,’ he said. ‘That’s the plan.’

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