Cabinet of Curiosities “Lot 36” Horror Story Explained


Cabinet of Curiosities is an American horror anthology streaming television series. The series is created by Guillermo del Toro for Netflix. Moreover, the series features eight unique horror stories that challenge the classical horror genre. The show first aired on October 25, 2022. Two episodes were co-written by del Toro, while the others are written and directed by various filmmakers. Moreover, we are here to know all about the “Lot 36” which is story of military veteran Nick and house cleaner Emilia. Find everything about, “Cabinet of Curiosities “Lot 36″ Horror Story Explained”.

Cabinet of Curiosities “Lot 36” Cast Members

  • Tim Blake Nelson
  • Sebastian Roché
  • Demetrius Grosse
  • Elpidia Carrillo

Who Is Tim Blake Nelson?

Tim Blake Nelson is is an American actor and playwright who is well known for appearing in movies like, Dr. Pendanski in Holes (2003), Danny Dalton Jr. in Syriana (2005), Samuel Sterns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Richard Schell in Lincoln (2012), the title character in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018), and Henry McCarty in Old Henry (2021). As of 2022, he is 58 years old.


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Who Is Sebastian Roché?

Sebastian Roché is a French-American actor and director who has worked in film, television and theater. He is best known for his roles as Jerry Jacks on the CBS soap opera General Hospital, Michael the Archangel on Supernatural, King Henry VIII on The Tudors and Olivier Dahan in The Count of Monte Cristo. He was born on 4 August 1964.

Demetrius Grosse Bio

Demetrius Grosse is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in in the feature film Straight Outta Compton, Emmett Yawners in the Cinemax television series Banshee, Errol in the FX television series Justified, and Baron Samedi in NBC’s Heroes.

Who Is Actress, Elpidia Carrillo?

Elpidia Carrillo is a Mexican-American actress. She has appeared in various films and television series, including Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Tortilla Soup and Ugly Betty. In addition to this, she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for her performance in Salvador. She is known for the role Tecuichpo in the independent film The Other Conquest.

What Happened In “Lot 36”?

  • Military veteran named Nick buys a storage unit for $400, in 1991.
  • Her buy that property after the passing of owner of the storage.
  • House cleaner Emilia is also frustrated at the storage facility after miscommunication with the manager led to failing to pay her bill.
  • She pleads with Nick, who has just purchased her unit, to let her in so she can retrieve her things, but he refuses and gives her back the original padlock.
  • While searching his new purchase, Nick mentions to Eddie, the manager, that the unit seems smaller than others.
  • Eddie tells him that’s because the building was constructed in 1940s and doesn’t meet today’s safety standards.
  • Nick sort through the contents of the storage unit, while Emilia waits outside.
  • Nick discovers a stunning set of table and chairs with mystical symbols and immediately brings them to an occult store for evaluation.
  • The shop’s owner is mesmerized by the pieces, explaining that they are an ancient Séance table set.
  • When she touched the table, a concealed mechanism was tripped and a drawer opened with three ancient texts.
  • The shopkeeper told Nick there was an expert who could appraise them correctly, named, Roland.
  • Roland immediately identified the books and asked where the fourth one was located.
  • He tells Nick that the books are designed to summon and make a pact with a demon. The fourth book burns up at the end of the transaction, making it a very rare item.
  • If there is one more book to be found, it’ll be back in the unit.
  • Roland promises Nick $300,000 if they find the final book in the building, and Nick immediately agrees.
  • On their way to the location, Roland tells Nick that the unit’s former owner was a weapon maker for the Nazis during World War II.
  • After forcing their way into the trap, they find a grisly scene: A nearly mummified body lies on the ground in a binding circle, with demon tentacles where her face should be.
  • Roland tells Nick not to do anything or say anything while they are in there, in case it will trigger a bargain.
  • Nick, unimpressed, goes for the fourth book which is on a stand across the room.
  • Roland warns him not to go in there but Nick, unheeding, stumbles through the circle and disrupts the markings.
  • The demon manages to resurrect, destroying most of the host body that was keeping it trapped, and the book bursts into flames.
  • Roland is consumed by the demon and Nick runs for help while the demon, now a mass of writhing tentacles, stalks him through the hallways.
  • The only way out of the building is an exit that Nick runs to, but he finds that the door is locked from the outside.
  • He sees Emilia and pleads with her to open it, and she gestures that she will help.
  • However, instead of unlocking door as promised, watches in horror as locks it with a padlock–the very one he had given her moments before.
  • When he turns around to run back the other direction, he’s consumed by demon.

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