Spoilers and launch revealed for ‘The Power of Karma’

The first set of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 65 spoilers have been leaked online, but when will the franchise’s last manga volume be published in 2021? The year has been yet another record-breaking one for the Boruto series.

Not only has the anime series’ popularity continued to grow, but it has also been introduced in the mega-hit video game Fortnite. However, in 2021, everyone’s attention will be diverted back to the original manga series for one last time.

The first details on the next Boruto chapter, issue 65, have now leaked online; so what should viewers anticipate to happen and when will it be published worldwide?

Boruto Chapter 65: Release Date And Time

The new chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will premiere in various countries around the world on Monday, December 20th, 2021. The following international timings were provided by the series’ page on Manga Plus.

Pacific Time: 7 AM
Central Time: 9 AM
Eastern Time: 10 AM
British Time: 3 PM
European Time: 4 PM
India Time: 8.30 PM
Philippine Time: 11 PM
This page will be updated if the release of Boruto chapter 65 is delayed or disrupted.

Boruto Chapter 65: Spoilers And Leaks

Today, OrganicDinosaur, a popular Twitter account, released the first hints of Boruto chapter 65. The chapter is titled “The Power of Karma,” and Naruto is featured on the front in Sennin-Mode.

Is There A New Anime Episode This Week?

Yes, there will be two episodes left in the 2021 television schedule for the Boruto anime series. ‘Breach of Orders’ will premiere on Sunday, December 19th in Boruto episode 229.

‘Wish,’ the final episode of 2016, will be called “Wish” and is set to premiere worldwide on December 26th.

In the background, Boruto is still on his knees, doubled over in agony and clutching his chest. He feels as if he’s frozen in time again, but he remembers that he has some strength left.

A thick fog appears in the area, and Momoshiki emerges from a nearby tree as if it were a cloud of steam. He advises Boruto that this is an excellent opportunity to kill Code right now because he’s distracted.

He was the one who destroyed his family and caused Naruto to take a break, so of course he is going to become mad. He leaves with Boruto, giving him the energy he needs to continue battling as he does several Rasengan at Code. Code recognizes that Borushiki has now attained a new level of strength.

Meanwhile, Sai affirms that an “unidentified chakra signature” is challenging Boruto, while Amado believes that Code shouldn’t be able to pick up on Kawaki so easily. With the plan already in motion, Sai points out that it doesn’t matter if Code has more allies on his way; Amado is relieved that the operation will go well.

As the battle continues, Borushiki unleashes several attacks at Code, who is able to avoid them using Claw Marks. Ada tells Code to withdraw while they still can, but he takes Kawaki hostage instead and says that he needs him for ‘other business’.

Code and Kawaki are about to reach the final Claw Mark, but Borushiki is able to strike Code’s shoulder and seize him. After that, Borushiki warns him to stop struggling or he’ll break his arms, which infuriates Kawaki who charges at him.

Borushiki is easily able to dodge and pins Kawaki to the floor, he is about to break his arm when Sennin-Mode Naruto steps in to save him. Code then takes Shikamaru hostage, threatening to cut their throat if Naruto gets involved again.

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Borushiki and Kawaki continue their fight, with Borushiki unleashing a fully-charged Chou Oodama Rasengan at Naruto. Kawaki jumps in front of Naruto to protect him, but he absorbs all of the power – especially after everyone expected him to be destroyed.

With his left eye now sporting a lightly colored triangle, Kawaki has launched another Karma type. His left eye now features the Isshiki horn and finger pattern, with his right eye displaying a green picture of an apple.

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