Bobby Digi Olisa: Laurie Cumbo Gets Engaged At The Met Gala


Laurie Cumbo, the commissioner of culture in New York City, got engaged last night at the Met Gala to longtime boyfriend, Bobby Digi Olisa. Here’s more about Bobby and his career. Every year, the world’s biggest celebrities attend the annual fashion event held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The 2019 edition of the Met Gala saw stunning ensembles from celebrities such as Blake Lively, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and others. But the 2022 event will have a unique significance for NYC Culture Commissioner Laurie Combo after her partner proposed last night. Who is Bobby Digi Olisa, then? Bobby Digi Olisa: Laurie Cumbo Gets Engaged At The Met Gala.

Laurie Cumbo Gets Engaged At The Met Gala

On Monday, the couple will remember their special night forever. The decade-long partnership of New York City Culture Commissioner Laurie Combo and her partner Bobby Digi Olisa came to a conclusion on Monday when the guest of honor was asked to marry him by reporters while interviews with celebrities were going on.

Bobby knelt on the steps and pulled out a box with an engagement ring as Laurie covered her face in shock. “Say yes!” the crowd and photographers yelled seconds later. She said yes after that.

Laurie revealed that the Met Gala has a personal significance for her in addition to its historical significance. “I was a 15-year-old intern here when I went to the Met Gala, and now I’m coming back with my fiancé as the Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner,” she told ET Online. It’s a full circle moment.

Who Is Bobby Digi Olisa?

Canvas Institute’s executive director, Bobby Digi Olisa, is a native of the North Shore of Staten Island and a community advocate there. He founded Island Voice and the organization to promote underserved communities on the North Shore of Staten Island where he was born, according to his bio.


Bobby was born and raised in Brooklyn. He went to high school in Nigeria before returning to the United States and enrolling at City College of Staten Island. He received an honorary degree from Columbia University in Not-for-Profit Management. He is a founding member of the educational charity called Equity Alliance of Staten Island (EASI) Aspiration, which promotes early childhood education on Staten Island (ESI).

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“Its goal is to attain equity and equality in the Staten Island education system, particularly in early childhood education in the short term and the overall development of Staten Island’s underserved communities in the long term, with a deep interest in dismantling the system and systemic injustices along the way,” his bio states. You can find more about Bobby from his personal Instagram page @bobbydigi_sinyc.

Bobby And Laurie Romantic Proposal

The couple revealed their romantic plan to journalists at the 2022 Met Gala. “It’s always like trying to wait for the perfect moment. So, when is the best time considering everything that’s going on in the world? So I was just like, ‘Today we’re going to make it happen,’” Bobby said during an interview with The Associated Press.

“You wait your whole life for this moment, and when it finally comes, it’s everything you imagined it would be,” Laurie concluded in the same interview.

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